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Wildlife Toy Box

Enclosure, cage, nest box, building and enrichment ideas for any species.

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Wildlife Toy Box

Postby Ash » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:40 pm

This is a great site to go to to buy those big "boomer balls" that you always see tigers and elephants playing with at the zoo. They have a wide assortment of enrichment items, specialized for destructive animals so that they last a really long time. They are made out of an ingestible material for safety as well.

I wanted to post about it here so that I could come back and find the site whenever I'm in the mood for shopping for large carnivores. :icon-wink:

I'm Fable and Ifrit's mommy. Also mommy to Carousel, Breeze, and a bunch of snakes, lizards, and spiders. Oh, and one amphibian!

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