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Animals drown at Alabama zoo

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Animals drown at Alabama zoo

Postby Nicophorus » Tue May 06, 2014 5:54 pm

http://blog.al.com/live/2014/04/gulf_co ... _anim.html

You know, I visited this zoo just last month when I had to drive up to Alabama for some Ostrich Eggs (Snakeman recommended to me I visit it). I saw those Cavys and took some pictures of them.

One thing that struck me about the zoo, it was built IN a I guess.. seaside marsh. Many of the animal enclosures you could not approach because standing water was between the foot path and them. The perimeter outside the zoo was all underwater/marsh.

Now, just a couple days ago I wanted to refresh my memory and went to my "local" (its 40 mins away) zoo and it too is built on and around wetland. Thinking about it, MANY of the zoos I can recall are built around this type of land. I'm not sure if there is a benefit, or it was just cheap land and a zoo was a good use for it.

Anyways, I had a nice time at the Alabama zoo. Just such a shame this zoo has such a history of dealings with natural disasters. (This zoo is the "little zoo that could" from the APL TV series)

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