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Vet Fired Over Graphic Facebook Post of Dead Cat

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Re: Vet Fired Over Graphic Facebook Post of Dead Cat

Postby Ash » Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:50 am

Well, in the "killing feral cats topic" your views were totally different.

Notice where I said that I'm more talking about the actually killing of the cat. Not that I'm cool if it's illegal, not that I'm cool with her reaction, not that I'm cool with her not making sure it wasn't a neighbor's pet, etc.

Just that I'm okay with the fact it was euthanized instantly. Yes, if you get an arrow to the head, it is an instant death. If you're going to assume it's not an instant death, then why can't others assume it's photoshopped/not done by herself/a hoax? If an animal gets shot through the head, then it's gone.

To question whether or not the death was instantaneous is a FAR less extrapolation than to assume it did not have an instant death.

I don't agree with her actions, but I am NOT against the killing of cats that are feral. I also am not a fan of pet cats allowed to roam since they contribute to most of the same problems as "feral cats"--but you have to obey local ordinances and laws there, of course. And I personally wouldn't shoot a cat or kill one. If anything, I'd catch it and take it to animal control.

If it turned out to be someone's pet cat, then they have every right to be angry about it because, frankly, her decision to take a shot at a random cat was stupid without knowing anything about it. And then I don't agree with her reaction to it. But it is being way blown out of proportion.
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Re: Vet Fired Over Graphic Facebook Post of Dead Cat

Postby BlueBaby1023 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:34 pm

The last sentence you said Ash is my exact feelings. It's being blown out of proportion on the grounds that she's a vet. As if vets don't kill things, be it for euthanasia purposes or for hunting or for who knows what else.

I don't think anything she did is right, and I wouldn't kill a stray cat myself, but you can't argue that what she physically did, which was simply killing a cat, was necessarily wrong without also being equally angry about the millions of animals that are killed every year in shelters, hunting, protecting livestock, etc.

The fact is that vets kill animals every year. Some do it every day. And, simply put, it's not always for "ethical" reasons; though again, you could argue that she was being more ethical by killing the cat and saving the wildlife.

So why exactly is this such a big deal? When checking out at Lowe's the other day with some building supplies for our new chicken coop, the cashier asked why we were making the enclosure so strong. I told her we have a coyote hanging around. She said "Why don't you just buy a gun instead?" If that's culturally acceptable, why isn't killing a cat? :roll:

Killing creatures is not something I'm comfortable with. I've euthanized many sick or dying animals. That doesn't make me happy, and I think anyone who does take pleasure in killing things needs to have a psychiatric evaluation performed. The thought of processing our own chicks makes me incredibly sad, too, let alone killing something I'd have no intention of using it's body for food or another good use. But the same people that kill predators like coyotes, wolves, cougars, stray dogs, etc. have far more supporters than she does, and it's not because they don't also take joy in killing those predators as you can find tons of photos on facebook that say otherwise. It's only because she's a vet that it's a big deal.
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Re: Vet Fired Over Graphic Facebook Post of Dead Cat

Postby Juska » Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:20 pm

Pretty sure the "big deal" is that she was supposedly a productive member of society who's job it is to [for the majority of her work] care for animals, instead of someone who outwardly projects themselves as a no-good scumbag, like you'd normally see posting photos like that on anti-wolf/coyote/other animal Facebook pages and sites. Can you seriously not see how people might be a little shocked by that, more than some socially backward trailer trash who would almost be expected to do something like that (not that it makes either person "right" or "okay" for doing it)? Obviously, her employer saw it as a "big deal".

...how were my views "totally different" in the feral cats topic? That's not what is being discussed here and I'm not going to derail the thread by bringing it up.

I didn't say anywhere that I was against the culling of feral cats.

I have been saying this whole time that I'm upset about it because she did it without thinking if it was someone's pet. I'm upset because she didn't care if it was someone's pet. And it's not okay for ANYONE to do that. I'm not talking about wild animals, I'm talking about a domesticated animal that might have been a pet to someone. That is what I'm not okay with; the act of possibly killing a pet animal, on purpose, for no other reason than for fun. Whether or not it's culturally acceptable to kill certain wild animals isn't the discussion here.
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Re: Vet Fired Over Graphic Facebook Post of Dead Cat

Postby Ana » Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:05 pm

I don't care one iota that she's a vet. Anybody shooting at domesticated species and
gloating about it online has an illness. Perhaps she has a larger responsibility to maintain
animal welfare standards because of her chosen profession, but I don't know how her
occupation relates to her crime. As far as I know, the bow is not an approved method
of euthanasia - she's absolutely violated humane euthanasia standards. I hope her
veterinary license comes under scrutiny, and I'm so very glad her cruelty is affecting
her. Damages have been done to the credibility and reputation of the entire facility.
Even though she's been fired, it's a stain, it won't go away.

She acted as a vigilante, with absolutely no awareness of the ownership status of
the animal. She thrill killed a domesticated species, at work, then had the profound
lack of self awareness required to post about it online. She's a dangerous nut who
has no business with weapons.

Wild animals are a totally different discussion that is certainly worth having, but it's
got no bearing on the truly demented behavior of this remarkably impulsive individual.

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