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New "beginner's" educational and mentoring group for exotic cats

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New "beginner's" educational and mentoring group for exotic cats

Postby exoticcats » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:06 am

Hi everyone,

some of you might remember that I founded an advanced, secure Facebook group for exotic cats a while ago. It developed quite well, and we even had classifieds for big cats, as well as rare species like ocelots and Pallas cats (they came from Europe, so CWSA and ESA don't apply).
Still, the idea of having only people who are in the field already (or are ready to house an exotic cat) proved to have its limitations. We had way fewer husbandry- and ownership- related questions than I would like to have - most probably, because people in the field already know the answers, or whom to ask or where to look for info. At the same time, I constantly had to turn down beginners who weren't far enough down the line yet, and those beginners often didn't have anywhere else to go (especially for the larger cats). Besides denying them a possibility of getting the info they need, it often led to drama.
Due to that, we decided to found another Facebook group about exotic cats - this time, one with no screening and meant primarily for beginners and mentors. We won't allow classifieds like in the advanced one, in order to protect buyers from obvious scammers, animals from unprepared buyers and the field from "investigations" by AR. For any other topic that requires a secured environment, there also still will be the advanced group.

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/575330252634425/

I hope I can cross post that in the small and large exotic cat section as well?

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