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AR agendas in "entertainment"

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AR agendas in "entertainment"

Postby TamanduaGirl » Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:27 am

Harry's Law tonight is trying to get "person hood" for an ape. Oh also the ape and tiger escaped from a zoo :roll:

I'm just getting so sick of them pushing anti-exotic AR garbage as the issue desour on TV shows. There's been a ton of shows all doing it in the last year even before the Ohio thing. Hawaii five O had an animal smuggling thing and a couple others did the same. I think I've wiped most from my mind. Castle had a tiger from people smuggling for pets and parts. People have mentioned it for shows I don't watch too.

Repeat something over and over and the average person will just accept it without thinking. Plus I don't want to see their garbage when I'm trying to relax with a Tv show.
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Re: AR agendas in "entertainment"

Postby Nova » Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:36 pm

This is sadly sort of stereotypical. I remember when something similar happened dealing with Boas and similar large snakes, and soon enough tons of towns were adopting a 'no-large-snakes' law. But even looking away from exotics it's disgusting, look at how bad of a wrap pitbulls have gotten when German Shepherds still have the most bites every year? I think it is interesting, in a more psychological arena, how many people have come to view the media as truth. There is no questioning of how often these events happen when really by comparison dog attacks are much, much more common but you don't see anyone touting (at least not seriously) that dog ownership should be taken away.

In all honestly they just like the publicity, these scare tactics and horror stories (dangerous attraction and others of it's ilk) don't truly talk about the issue but they sensationalize it because everybody likes a good bit of schadenfreude. It's sick, and it's silly but it doesn't stop people from continually watching. People don't realize that it's not the animal, more often than not it's the owner.

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