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I've taken an interest in bats

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I've taken an interest in bats

Postby veralidaine » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:22 pm

So, I've been looking at information about bats lately, because they really intrigue me and they seem like they could be good pets. Ken occasionally sells them apparently, and has a care sheet for one type on his website.

Anyway, when googling pet bats, I found this; http://batworld.org/pet-bats/
It's so awful. I mean, for one thing, it assumes that all owners of so called 'wild animals' are going to give them disgusting conditions to live in. For another, it completely anthropomorphises bats and other so called 'wild animals' by saying that they have a 'loss of control' over their lives and that would bother them. I'm pretty sure the notion of having control is a solely human concept. I would think most animals would be happy to have a good source of food, water, enrichment, and affection. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I needed to get this rant out.

I then searched on youtube to see if anybody had a pet bat and I found a video called 'Keeping Bats as Pets' from channel 'ehow'. So, I thought 'Wow, I guess bats are such popular pets that they actually made a video about how to keep bats as pets'. No, instead it's some associate professor telling us, in a very condescending tone I might add, that bets should never be kept as pets. What is her reasoning for this? Well, she only has one and it is; "Bats are wild animals and wild animals should never be kept as pets." She only briefly expands on this by saying that bats have certain natural behaviours that can't be expressed when kept as pets, but somehow CAN be expressed when kept in zoos. Because you know, zoos are the gold standard when it comes to animal care and obviously no private individual could hope to achieve that. :wall: :chair: Gaaah!

So, Ken does have a bit of info and I also found some info on an old post on reptileforums.co.uk. It says;

"I kept egyptian friut bats for quite a few years.

Easy to care for as long as they have a 'heated' (70 to 85f) room to live in and a flight area. An insulated 6/6 shed with a flight area.

They can't swallow solids, they chew, drink the juice and spit out the pulp so need to be fed a variety of juicy fruits daily. I also gave mine fresh fruit juice as well every day and every 3 days mixed in honey, calcium and vitamins. Water was also available.
The diet can work out quite expensive so keep that in mind.

Their poo is loose but not particularly smelly. The floor area will get smelly and sticky though and will require regular cleaning.
They breed like..fruit bats! A pair or trio can turn into quite a group in not too long! There is not a massive market for babies so it might be best to keep a small same sex group."

I've also looked through some of the bat care manuals that TamanduaGirl posted. It talks about the minimum requirements for an enclosure, which are pretty small. I would think that I would get a greenhouse/aviary for them, depending on whether the bats were tropical species or not. I could see it being pricey though, because they also need a certain humidity. Of course, this is all daydreaming since I'm nowhere near a time in my life when I could think about having bats but I have to say, I'm really interested in these little critters. icon-smile
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Re: I've taken an interest in bats

Postby TamanduaGirl » Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:25 pm

A couple of my FB friends have bats. They don't post about them a whole lot because people like on bat world all pile on them about how bad it is and flood the comments all the time, even though they don't seem to mind any of their other exotics. They do require a good amount of care and learning about their needs but they are cute. Most are communal so it's good to have more than one.

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