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Red Panda as pet?

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Re: Red Panda as pet?

Postby Lasergrl » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:56 pm

Granted I dont know this to be correct, but you could probably make your own panda diet. If you found out whats in bamboo, nutient wise, you could try and reproduce the diet. Mary did this with her ant eater. She doesnt eat ants but she has researched and produced a diet that is working well yet has no ants.
Zoos feed a panda biscuit along with donated bamboo so they must be able to eat other things. I wouldnt want to experiment with an animal of such value but it can be done.
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Re: Red Panda as pet?

Postby jillbill1212 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:29 am

I know they like a certain bamboo bush, I was planning on
seeing how that does with a scoop of ground beef (raw) seeing
as that's what they are fed in zoos, also some nutrients and other things.
When i order the bamboo it'll be here in 2-3 days seeing as they are in
Florida too and they'll be already grown ready to eat bamboo,
Then id order the seeds and plant them while having a ready stock
of bamboo, and if i ever run out id order some more ready to go.
I want to grow them but in the meanwhile i need something
to feed my panda so ill have a already grown ready supply of them
also. :mrgreen:
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Re: Red Panda as pet?

Postby truly_enchanting » Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:58 am

You going to have an extremely hard time keeping one as pets. Really hot places like Florida will kill it. A lot people don't keep them as pets, their endanger animal, and if you were to get one, you have to get one probably in India where some keep them as pets or China.

They like: Red pandas usually live in the temperate forests of the Himalayan foothills and other Asian mountains, where climates remain consistently cool and rainy throughout the year. They forage for bamboo at night and curl up in trees to sleep during the daylight hours. Unfortunately, these adorable animals are endangered in the wild, and they're often illegal as pets. You can observe and appreciate them at many U.S. zoos.
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Re: Red Panda as pet?

Postby Ash » Tue Oct 01, 2013 4:28 pm

They will not be killed in hot climates. They would be fine as long as adequate shelter, water, and some cooling was provided, so that is certainly not an issue.

Red pandas cannot be imported, so getting one from China or India is impossible, and they are protected there anyway. You would have to find a private breeder in the US willing to sell. There are some private breeders, but they generally will not sell any of their animals, especially to private individuals.
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