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How are Sybil & Benny doing in this HOT weather?

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How are Sybil & Benny doing in this HOT weather?

Postby Trefoil » Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:21 am

Are they together? I was wondering if they enjoyed the hot weather or if it distressed them.
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Re: How are Sybil & Benny doing in this HOT weather?

Postby pat » Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:50 am


they seem to be doing OK.
they have a giant fan in their lower den.
many places to go and keep cool.

I was surprised to them out in the rain.
it was been raining alot and they now seem to like it.
before they would stay in their den.

when I went to check on them yesterday, sybil was laying by the door with her foot on the gate, and on her side. it is on a concrete pad with a roof.
I thought she was dead, but, when I walked up to her, she looked at me, "why did you wake me up" :hin:

sometimes she sleeps under the steps to her den, she always has her one leg up in the air, but, resting on step. can't figure out how she can be confortable.

I have some new pictures of them, and the other animals, but, can't get the time to put them on here. also want to redo the "web site"
geez, not enough hours in the day.. :cry:

thank you for asking, and your interest..
Pat (Sybil and Benny's Mom)

http://sybilsden.com Sybils Den

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