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Anyone Know Anything about Noahs Ark in Jackson OH?

Black Bears,Brown bears, Grizzlies etc.

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Anyone Know Anything about Noahs Ark in Jackson OH?

Postby Cowboydan » Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:33 pm

Im wanting to see if I can find anyone who worked there or who owned the park. I know its closed now. But I rescued a Black Bear from a guy who got the bear from there before they closed. This guy was getting rid of HollyWood the bear and his buyer only wanted him to shoot, and have stuffed for his trophy room. I dont understand how anyone could allow this to happen to there pet. Im so thankful I was able to get there in time to buy HollyWood and save his life. He wont ever have to worry about something like that ever happening to him. He is now in his forever home.

Im wanting to find out more about him. What his story is and what all has he been through. Thanks

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