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I couln't help him :(

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I couln't help him :(

Postby Lupercus » Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:28 am

My cat, or I should say my dog's cat, died in my arms this morning. Aged 2 years and 3 months.

He was always very quiet, never made a sound. Would ambush you with his claws when you weren't looking. He came to us as a kitten, a barn cat someone bottle fed but still very wild. He met the dog as a kitten, he reached up and hooked the ear of the big scary (ie curious) 70# dog with his baby claw and drug him to the carpet by it. After that they were lifelong friends. They would wrestle and chase each other, and I'd swear the cat even though it was a little dog like. On cold night he would be the most friendly; he would stare me in the face until I'd let him into my sleeping bag where he would curl up beside me.

Yesterday I heard him give a strained two syllable cry. I had no doubt in my mind he was sick, he never made noise except the very rare purr. This concerned me so I made a point to get him to a vet. I had to go out for a bit, when I returned home it was late around 01:00 I think.

I found him stretched out stiffly on the floor by my computer positioned oddly. He was breathing with respirations fast and weak at 35/minute, unconscious and unresponsive to verbal or physical stimulus. This terrified me as is was a sure sign he would die without prompt medical attention. Worse yet the nearest 24 facility was the vet school 10 miles away.

I tried to load him onto a blanket, but this was very difficult and he started crying weakly in pain when I moved him. I loaded him up and tried to get him to the hospital, he would occasionally cry out in pain but he became increasingly silent and I kept checking him. About half way there he went into respiratory arrest and went limp. I gave the cat 2 small rescue breaths and started chest compressions. I continued cpr all the way through the hospital till I gave the limp cat to the night intern. I knew I lost a patient and a friend the moment the door closed behind them. Worse yet I knew he would receive less effort at this ER than the one I normally deliver patients to. :(

I paced the lobby shouting out in grief until the intern delivered the bad news at 01:42 and returned to me the remains shortly there after.
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Re: I couln't help him :(

Postby TamanduaGirl » Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:03 pm

I'm sorry. We live an hour from the vet so I've been there before with a pet dieing on the way more than once. My cat died similarly but we say it coming just we didn't expect it to be bad like that. She had cancer and the vet claimed she would die in her sleep. It was a lot like you described instead because her tumor burst and poisoned her. It's much worse when they're young like that and you don't know it's coming.

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