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My Burmese Cats

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My Burmese Cats

Postby kovkovkovkov » Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:11 pm

I decided I'd make a thread to show off my adorable kitties! :3


I'll start with my first cat. He's a fixed sable Burmese and I've had him for about six years. His name is Kovu and he's a big tsundere loaf. He's also the source of my username (I don't know why, but I just started using it a couple years ago. It's something I always say to him).

here he is, pretending he ain't care about nothing

He's a super goofball, always acting aloof and sophisticated, but then you catch him attacking a loose twisty-tie, or falling off the couch, and you realize it's all just a front. ;) He's talkative and needy and loves affection, as long as it's his idea! Despite his proud nature, he's really just a big dork that wants to be around others. He's my best friend!


My other kitty is Kida, a champagne Burmese who's just about a year old. She's a yandere princess and somehow both extremely beautiful and the biggest dingus I know.

so dingus, such cat, wow

Kida is closer to the "breed standard" for Burmese than Kovu is. She's got a flatter face and more golden eyes, along with some other details of her appearance. I'll be breeding her this spring and I couldn't be more excited. I have been planning on breeding Burmese since before I got Kovu, and it's great to see this dream come to a reality.


When I first got Kida, I was surprised at how distinctly different her personality is from Kovu's. They both have the standard Burmese personality traits, such as being playful and active and affectionate and talkative, but they are still very different. Kovu is a big baby. He can't handle leaving the house, being in a car, meeting other animals, or being around too many people. He is the pickiest eater I know-- he will literally only eat one specific brand and variety of cat food! Doesn't touch wet food either. Of course, a lot of these things have improved since Kida came into our lives. She is the exact opposite. She is extremely adventurous and loves going outside (and by that I mean, trying to sneak outside!) I'll often bring her along on car trips if I am just driving through somewhere or grabbing something quick, and she loves it. She explores everything and loves everyone. She also loooves any kind of food! Especially people food! And she has an affinity for bread. Can't leave the loaf out or she'll chew a hole through the bad, lol. Also, while Kovu is very submissive, Kida is fairly aggressive and dominant. When they first met, Kida was just a little kitten, but she would chase Kovu around like mad! :lol: They never actually fought, and they get along fine now, but it was so funny because Kovu was twice her size, and all he'd have to do is turn around and whap her with a paw once, but he was too scared! They have a great dynamic though, and Kovu seems much happier now with a fellow furry friend.

So anyway, those are my cats. They're both very lovely, and great companions. I am very excited for Kida's first litter, and I will keep this thread updated with the progress on that!

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