what is the easiest exotic cat to own?

Bobcats, servals, lynx, margay, anything smaller than a cheetah

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Re: what is the easiest exotic cat to own?

Postby Nìmwey » Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:56 pm

I hate to be boring, but I doubt getting an F2 is a good idea if you have no previous experience with wild and/or hybrid cats.
So get some "transition" animals, like a purebred Bengal (low content Asian leopard cat hybrid), or work with some wild cats/hybrids at some facility somewhere, to get experience.

At least I know it's like this in the wolfdog world. You don't jump from owning golden retrievers or no dog at all, to a mid-content wolfdog, or even a wolf. You go to northern and primitive breeds, to low-content wolfdog, to mid-and-high-content wolfdogs, and so on.
My main interest is in parrots, dogs, toothed whales and snakes.
Future animals I want to have when we have land are camels, wolfdogs/wolves, coyotes or jackals, striped hyena or aardwolf. Also poultry, rabbits water buffalo and/or yak for livestock.

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