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Savannah Cats look cool where can you get one?

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Laughing Hyena
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Savannah Cats look cool where can you get one?

Postby Laughing Hyena » Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:28 pm

These guys look really cool and they're ranked as the biggest house cat you can own. I know this is probably a stupid question but are they wild or are they domestic?
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Re: Savannah Cats look cool where can you get one?

Postby Ash » Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:36 pm

They're hybrids. They're a cross between a domestic cat and a serval. They're considered exotic, but in most places they're covered by domestic laws. So there are a lot more places you can own them.

As for their size, it varies depending on how far removed from a serval they are. The more serval they have in them, the bigger they are. The more serval, the more expensive they are.

There's lots of breeders who breed the lower generation savannahs. But in the exotic community there is a good number of people breeding F1s or even 75%s--though 75%s are kind of rare.

One of our members is planning to breed a serval to their F1. So if I'm not mistaken, that should make kittens that are 75% serval.
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Re: Savannah Cats look cool where can you get one?

Postby macmanmatty » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:35 am

Hello yes I have bred a serval to my f1; and yes the kittens will be 75% serval. Mine will come with TICA papers. These are not for your average pet owner though. They MUST be fed a high quality raw diet with supplements unless your feeding a strict diet of nothing but varied whole prey IE mice, rabbit ,squirrel , dove and other small birds and mammals. They will not tolerate much grain in their diets at all. They need high amounts of calcium and taurine especially as kittens. These are basically like owing a serval at this percentage. Just legal in few more places because of 25% domestic. I would also a recommend having a outdoor enclosure that they go into to have more room to play and run. Sometimes they will spray even if neutered or spayed young.They have lots of energy. and are VERY smart and will get into almost anything they can. They will open latches and doors and do many things you never thought a cat could. Also they tend to form a strong bond with one or a few people and do not do well being rehomed. I believe owing any pet is commitment for the life of the pet, but even more so with an exotic Which although a don't like calling these an exotic that is really what they are and should be treated as such and given close to the same care you would give a serval or any exotic for that matter. And finally they tend to be on the pricer side with 50% f1 starting at 6 k and going all the way up to 20k. 75%'s can be even higher My pet males from this litter will be around 10k.
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Re: Savannah Cats look cool where can you get one?

Postby egroegart » Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:36 pm

Laughing Hyena, there's a whole section here on exotic hybrids like Savannahs. It's two down from the exotic cats. Savannahs are really cool. F1's are the most expensive, and as you get farther away in generations they are less expensive and are also cheaper in price.
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Re: Savannah Cats look cool where can you get one?

Postby codycatz » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:20 am

I have five Savannahs, 3 males and two females. One male is an F8 but looks like an F3 or even lower as he is sometimes generation and size doesn't correlate,. ALL my males spray alhough neutered!! As noted these are VERY intelligent cats and not for the usual owner. One may be easier to handle as they do group together for mischief.

Many states have laws regulating ownership of Savannahs as well. I am thinking of moving and have had to strike off my list of possible places because of do consider this.

The fact that I have FIVE of them tells you that in spite of the challenges they are worth it to me. :icon-wink:

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