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Sand Cats

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Re: Sand Cats

Postby amazinggrace201 » Tue May 03, 2016 9:49 am

I have so many questions, but I'll start with just one question, do the sand cats cause allergic reactions for those who are allergic to feline dander? :roll:
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Re: Sand Cats

Postby Ash » Tue May 03, 2016 3:17 pm

This person has not been on for a long time, but based on what I already know about exotic cats, maybe I can help out a bit.

Supposedly hybrid cats (like the savannah and bengal) have a different type of dander. And many people who are allergic say that their allergies are a lot better having a hybrid cat around rather than a pure domestic one.

This leads me to hope that exotic cats would be okay for those who are allergic. I'm allergic to house cats, but some benadryl helps that. This part is all conjecture though. I interacted with a bobcat a few times, and I didn't have any reactions to it--though I wasn't in its enclosure too long.

So it could very well be that if you're allergic to domestics, you'd have better luck with an exotic. That being said, there are never any guarantees. My sister is very allergic to my foxes, and I used to always hear people say, "No one's allergic to foxes!" But she certainly is. Since you are already aware of your allergies with domestics, don't let it come as a shock if you happen to be allergic to an exotic cat too.

Can't give an answer, obviously. But hopefully this info will help. Someone else may chime in.
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