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Postby FOXman » Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:57 pm

Ok, this is very embarrassing, sooo here it goes. Today i was on my usual feeding schedule and I was in my turkey pen. I was scattering their grain, when I happen to turn around. There standing twenty feet behind me was my "Tom" turkey. I didn't worry since I had been in there millions of times before. So I kept on feeding the turkeys. Then all of a sudden, I got hit in the back of the legs. I thought it was my dogs, but I turned around and I got hit again! This time I saw my male turkey run up and try to spur me. I't scared me sooooo bad!!!!! I started running and the turkey was coming after me! I running around in their pen trying to find a weapon of self defence(their pen is pretty big, considering they share a pen with my mini horses).Finally, I found a stick and kept hitting the ground in front of me to scare the turkey away. That turkey almost caught me, but I ended up getting away. By then I had been hit by it like, 4 times. I guess he was being territorial or he might of thought I was another turkey threatening his hens. Never again will I turn my back to that male turkey again!
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Postby pat » Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:22 am

seems the toms can be agressive mostly when in groups.

most likely, it is breeding season and they do become defensive.

I only have one big spanish turkey. he has never bothered me.
but, he does chase the dogs sometimes. I think mostly food related.
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