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Missing peahen

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Missing peahen

Postby nicoeflein » Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:07 pm

Hello everyone, two days ago I bought two India Blue Pied peahens for my lone peacock, and as I was moving them into the holding enclosure, for the new birds, one of the hens escaped, and flew off, free and flying! She sat in a pine tree for the first day and night, but by the next day she was gone. Luckily, while I was checking on the animals later that day, I heard her calling, but a long way back into the woods. I decided to follow the noise, and I found her, sitting on the bridge across the river, calling like a mad woman. Once I tried creeping within 20 ft of her, she flew of again, and I chased after her this time, not wanting to lose her again. This time she flew into the neighbors yard, which was quite a chase, and I lost her for the night. The next day, yesterday, my neighbor came over asking if I was missing a peahen! I quickly grabbed the net and carrier and rushed over there, but to my "surprise" the peahen was gone again, and no where to be found. I did here some peculiar noises from the woods earlier today, but nothing that I could distinguish as a peahen. Now I am becoming pretty worried, and hoped that maybe someone from here could help. If anyone has a trick to attracting, calling, or finding a missing peahen, please reply soon, and maybe I can put this wild peahen chase to a close, and bring her home. . . Thanks for reading, and please reply back with any help, or encouraging words!
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Re: Missing peahen

Postby BB » Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:24 am

Would it be easier to catch her at night? I've done that with some difficult chickens, you can walk right up to them with a torch.
Hope you get her back..... icon_confused.gif

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