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"Parrot Confidential"

Small to Medium size Birds. Hawks, Owls, Chicken, Ducks, Finches, Parrots Etc.

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"Parrot Confidential"

Postby Nìmwey » Tue Mar 03, 2015 3:23 pm


This was really about time; why have I never seen a documentary about parrots in captivity before?

52 minutes long, and it goes through poaching of chicks, troubled owners, overflowing rescues and sanctuaries, abandoned and mistreated birds, and the very real challenge of keeping a wild animal as a "pet", or how many owners see them, "a living room decoration". Completely packed documentary that says it very well.

"People who really care about parrots don’t buy birds, they adopt"

"What we are looking at is the failure of humans as companions to parrots."

"They’re not pets. You can call them a pet, you can put them in a pet shop, you can dress it up all you want - they’re not pets."

Despite all of this, I don't see it as overly biased or as preachy propaganda, unlike so many other documentaries like these. This is simply raising awareness of the horror they go through, and the overproduction/overpopulation, similar to dogs and cats.
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Re: "Parrot Confidential"

Postby Ash » Tue Mar 03, 2015 3:41 pm

I do think people need to review how we look at bird and parrots. For some reason, it seems "easy" and "trendy," when the reality of it is they are WILD animals, just like a fox, and can't be expected to be happy as a decoration piece. They are very difficult animals to care for, and really, their care intimidates me! It just seems like a LOT of work.

Now, if you could afford an aviary, then sure: "decorate" as much as you want while providing them proper care. But obviously not every bird owner is planning on an aviary.

I've been trying to teach my parents how to feed/handle our cockatiel better. We adopted her from our aunt who adopted her from her son. So now she's with them, and they understand that animals are a "lifetime commitment." They're trying their best, but it is hard for them when they aren't wholly invested.

For example, they feed her seeds, and I try SO hard to tell them not to--but supposedly she won't eat fruit or "bird muffins." So I tell them to "starve" her onto the fruit. But my mom then feels too sorry for her and gives in--before it's even been several hours.

That being said though, Aisley at least has TONS of out-of-cage time now. She's out of her cage for most of the day. My sister will get home and just open the cage door to let her have her freedom around the first floor of the house. Our family has never been a fan of clipping feathers, even on parrots that can still move around, so she does get a lot of exercise flying and exploring. Picking at a thread in the couch, observing my mom while she's asleep, landing on your shoulder for a ride. Things have gotten much better since I started educating them more about birds. I've offered to take her off their hands, but Aisley is a good "comfort" animal for my sister back home. So now I'm hoping I'll be able to get them to convert her to a proper diet. My mom does offer Aisley fruit, she just "prefers" the seeds more since they are like candy.
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