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Small to Medium size Birds. Hawks, Owls, Chicken, Ducks, Finches, Parrots Etc.

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Postby TexasYankee » Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:32 pm

Toucans are a specialized family within the clade Ramphastides adapted to a fruit-intensive diet in South America. Four other families--two in the Americas, one in Africa, one in Asia--are collectively known as barbets. Barbets are generally less specialized than toucans, eating both fruit and insects (though some have adapted to feed on one of the other). Since they're not listed on CITES (unlike toucans), they're still being imported to the United States. I have only ever seen three species of barbet for sale on softbillsforsale.net: bearded barbet (which like toucans is entirely frugivorous), one of the African spotted barbets, and Taiwan barbet. Of these, all three have included imports and the latter two were solely imports. I've seem captive-bred bearded barbets once or twice and those were not hand-raised.

It seems to me that since hand-raised toucans make good pets, hand-raised barbets might also make good pets. And like toucans and parrots, they're quite colorful. Anyone have any idea why so few species are available and those mostly as wild imports?

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