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question about peacocks and peahens.

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question about peacocks and peahens.

Postby pat » Tue May 30, 2017 10:04 am

I bought a peacock for my peahen a couple plus weeks ago. I think, he is under 3 years old.
he didn't get all his colors yet.

my question is, what age will the peacock be able to produce fertile eggs for the peahen?

my peahen is sitting on a nest. However, she hatched chicken eggs last year. I thought I seen a goose egg in her nest too.
we have had some wild geese hanging in my pond for quite awhile, so not sure if if it is from the wild goose. well, now that think of it,
I don't have a female goose. :red-face: I only have a male goose and a female duck. I know the duck didn't lay that size egg.

also if any of the peahens eggs are fertile, how long does it take to hatch?
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