could anyone post this on their Facebook, or whatever they have for media. It is for Lucy (my beagle) She is totally blind from cataracts in both eyes. She can get surgery, but, it cost $1000.00 per eye. Even if I got one eye done, it is better than nothing at all.

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Which content of wolfdog is your favorite?

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Re: Which content of wolfdog is your favorite?

Postby MooWolf » Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:58 pm

caninesrock wrote:
The wolves/wolfdogs I volunteered with were: Duchess(was told she was a pure Arctic wolf),Koa(was told wolfdog,but none of the volunteers specified content. He appears to be low content though with that curly tail and other dog traits), Luke(was told a pure wolf,but subspecies not specified),Mystery(was told a pure Mexican Gray Wolf),Rafiki(I believe she was the one they told me was a coydog at the time),Sable(low content wolfdog I think if I remember right), and Yoda(Volunteers at the time claimed he was pure wolf,but I always suspected he was part dog as he had some chubby/muscular features for a wolf. I think he may be a mid content.) I also volunteerd with 3 of the wolfdogs/wolves that are now deceased: Khan(was told he was a pure wolf,but again subspecies not specified), Bianca(told she was a lower content malamute mix), and Lobo(told he came to the sanctuary with Bianca and he was also a lower content malamute mix(but they were not siblings that I can remember,just came from the same owner.))

Hey, it's Natasha!

I am actually 27 (well I was 26 when you saw me), lol! Lucian is a lackphase mid content I was fostering (sibling to my Reagan) that you met at Pet Fest. Timber is a lower content female owned by Austin, a frequent and long time volunteer of SFWS.

This year Timber was back and I brought my boy Wilbur, a 6 1/2 month old upper mid content that will hopefully continue to serve as SFWS new ambassawoof along side Timber!

IMHO, none of the animals at SFWS are pure wolves. I could have the say though that Mystery and Duchess do come the closest.
Duchess' lineage is known by some of the "old time" wolfdog breeders and she is considered a very high content. Her wolf mix is actually Alaskan Tundra, not Arctic.
Koa is a fat husky/mal mix- if there is any wolf in him I cannot find it, lol!
Luke is more what I would consider an upper mid content. He has many doggy features, especially in his head/ears/muzzle and his paws.
Mystery is more then likely a high content Eastern Timber. Her build and coloration is fairly typical of that subspecies. She looks nothing like a Mexican Grey! My guess is that she was not a wild wolf, but a high content that someone either let loose or escaped. I had a very high content foster named Texx that had gotten loose from his previous owner and everyone thought he was a wild wolf, lol!
Yoda I agree with him being a mid. He has quite a bit of Malamute influence in him.
Bianca was a beautiful low content and Lobo was a pretty nice looking mid content- both with heavy malamute influence.
Khan was a gorgeous high content, possibly with a touch of Arctic in him.
Lola was a dog. She was one I drove out to College Station to phenotype after the neighbors said she looked just like a pure arctic wolf. -_- Though I am glad she was saved and at least got to live her last years in relative comfort, I was not pleased when the decision was made to take a dog into the sanctuary and then claim she was "at least 50% wolf."
Apache and Lakota are gorgeous high contents. Apache is more a lower high with Malamute influence noted mostly in his heavier build, short legs and bulkier head/shorter muzzle. Lakota is IMO, slightly higher in content and is good example of a white phase wolfdog (not Arctic).
The new girl, Olowan, who is now in with Luke (Lola passed) is a beautiful upper mid, also with Malamute influence.
Rafiki is a low-no husky mix that I would take home in a heartbeat!
Rommy and Remus are two low-no tard brothers!
Sable is a white GSD mix and Tracker is a low content Mal mix.
And Tala is a beautiful example of a mid content!

Reagan, Lu's sister!

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