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Which content of wolfdog is your favorite?

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Which wolfdog content do you like the most?

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Re: Which content of wolfdog is your favorite?

Postby MooWolf » Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:58 pm

caninesrock wrote:
The wolves/wolfdogs I volunteered with were: Duchess(was told she was a pure Arctic wolf),Koa(was told wolfdog,but none of the volunteers specified content. He appears to be low content though with that curly tail and other dog traits), Luke(was told a pure wolf,but subspecies not specified),Mystery(was told a pure Mexican Gray Wolf),Rafiki(I believe she was the one they told me was a coydog at the time),Sable(low content wolfdog I think if I remember right), and Yoda(Volunteers at the time claimed he was pure wolf,but I always suspected he was part dog as he had some chubby/muscular features for a wolf. I think he may be a mid content.) I also volunteerd with 3 of the wolfdogs/wolves that are now deceased: Khan(was told he was a pure wolf,but again subspecies not specified), Bianca(told she was a lower content malamute mix), and Lobo(told he came to the sanctuary with Bianca and he was also a lower content malamute mix(but they were not siblings that I can remember,just came from the same owner.))

Hey, it's Natasha!

I am actually 27 (well I was 26 when you saw me), lol! Lucian is a lackphase mid content I was fostering (sibling to my Reagan) that you met at Pet Fest. Timber is a lower content female owned by Austin, a frequent and long time volunteer of SFWS.

This year Timber was back and I brought my boy Wilbur, a 6 1/2 month old upper mid content that will hopefully continue to serve as SFWS new ambassawoof along side Timber!

IMHO, none of the animals at SFWS are pure wolves. I could have the say though that Mystery and Duchess do come the closest.
Duchess' lineage is known by some of the "old time" wolfdog breeders and she is considered a very high content. Her wolf mix is actually Alaskan Tundra, not Arctic.
Koa is a fat husky/mal mix- if there is any wolf in him I cannot find it, lol!
Luke is more what I would consider an upper mid content. He has many doggy features, especially in his head/ears/muzzle and his paws.
Mystery is more then likely a high content Eastern Timber. Her build and coloration is fairly typical of that subspecies. She looks nothing like a Mexican Grey! My guess is that she was not a wild wolf, but a high content that someone either let loose or escaped. I had a very high content foster named Texx that had gotten loose from his previous owner and everyone thought he was a wild wolf, lol!
Yoda I agree with him being a mid. He has quite a bit of Malamute influence in him.
Bianca was a beautiful low content and Lobo was a pretty nice looking mid content- both with heavy malamute influence.
Khan was a gorgeous high content, possibly with a touch of Arctic in him.
Lola was a dog. She was one I drove out to College Station to phenotype after the neighbors said she looked just like a pure arctic wolf. -_- Though I am glad she was saved and at least got to live her last years in relative comfort, I was not pleased when the decision was made to take a dog into the sanctuary and then claim she was "at least 50% wolf."
Apache and Lakota are gorgeous high contents. Apache is more a lower high with Malamute influence noted mostly in his heavier build, short legs and bulkier head/shorter muzzle. Lakota is IMO, slightly higher in content and is good example of a white phase wolfdog (not Arctic).
The new girl, Olowan, who is now in with Luke (Lola passed) is a beautiful upper mid, also with Malamute influence.
Rafiki is a low-no husky mix that I would take home in a heartbeat!
Rommy and Remus are two low-no tard brothers!
Sable is a white GSD mix and Tracker is a low content Mal mix.
And Tala is a beautiful example of a mid content!

Reagan, Lu's sister!

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