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EMU CHICK care written by cutidead

(Emus, Rheas, Ostriches, Cassowary)

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EMU CHICK care written by cutidead

Postby pat » Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:58 am

this info was written by cutidead

Here is some information I typed up years ago to give to people that I sold chicks to, it will help some. Their poop will be very watery, so do not be to alarmed. Just try to make sure it is eating and drinking:

Emu Chick Care:
Emu need heat, water, and feed just like a chicken chick. At 5 days old they need an area under a heat lamp that will give them heat of 85-90 degrees. They also need a cool area to move to if they get to hot. I find it best that their feed and water are between the warm and cool areas. I prefer pine shavings over all other bedding for my chicks. But never use cedar shaving.

I add chick electrolytes and vitamins to my chicks water. I will give you some of this with your chicks. I also add water soluble vitamin B to their water. This can be bought at Wal-Mart. I add about 2 cc's to 1 gallon.
The feed you received with the chicks is 20% chick starter feed from Tractor Supply. You can feed them whatever you wish, but slowly switch them over to your feed by mixing the 2 and slowly giving more and more of your preferred feed. You can also feed them cut up greens, vegetables, and fruit. Never feed them higher than 20% protein feed. Higher protein feed can make their bodies outgrow their legs.

At an age of around 2-3 months you can switch them from crumbles to pellets. Many people that raise emus say to stay away from medicate feed. So I do not feed my birds medicated feed. Attached to this page is a print out of Mazuri's Emu Maintenance feed information. This is really good feed, but hard to find and expensive. But this will give you the nutritional information so you can find some feed close to the same. I feed my birds rabbit pellets. Nutritionally it is very close to this, and I can get it for about $10 a 50 lb bag.

Emu chicks need vitamin D (sunshine). At about 7 days old, and when it is warm out, 70 degrees +/-, they need to spend time outdoors in a fenced in run, so they can run and strengthen their legs. It is essential to the growth of an emu that they run and strength their legs. I would recommend an area about 4-8 feet wide and 20-30 feet long. Warning: If you have hawks in your area, please watch the chicks, hawks have been known to eat them!

Emus MUST ALWAYS have plenty of water to drink. You will notice their poop will most always be watery. An adult emu drink 1-4 gallons of water a day. So water is essential to their development.

Never let your chick walk on a slippery service (finished concrete, wood or tile floors, etc.) Until they are 3-4 months old they can easily slip and splay their legs, and really damage their muscles.

Emus heal very quickly and can over some very bad cuts. Make sure you do not put your birds in a pasture with bard-wire, as they will run their necks on it and get cut. At some point and time your birds WILL cut their necks. Most people want to help them, but unless the bleeding will not stop, I would not do anything, leave them alone they will be fine.
The very best source for more information on Emus is "The Emu Farmer's Handbook", this book can be bought many places online, and covers EVERYTHING about emus.

A good website with some information is:
Pat (Sybil and Benny's Mom) Sybils Den

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