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This is SO bizzare i really need some advice here.

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This is SO bizzare i really need some advice here.

Postby Mechillemybell » Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:23 am

I am pretty new to being an emu owner and the first emu we adopted was 4 mos old, we didn't know the sex of it so we called it Zali. Then a few months later we adopted a breeding pair, we call them Poppy and Leelah.
When Zali was about 10 mos. old we heard grunting like Poppy does so we knew Zali was a boy, and soon after the grunting, Poppy and Zali looked to be fighting slot...going after each in a not so nice manner, so we desperate them and leave Leelah and Poppy together.
Zali recently turned 2 yrs old and here comes the BIZZARE part...Zali has been BOOMING FOR DAYS!!!! But for the past few months Poppy has been running towards the fence that separates them and snapping at Zali with his mouth.

My questions are:
Can I put Zali in with Poppy and Leelah or is Poppys aggressive behavior too aggressive? Do males sometimes not like a certain female? Can a female Emu lay eggs that are not fertile if they do not have a male emu?
Oh my goodness....if any of you could give me some advice here, it would be a blessing. I love all three of my emus very much! Thank you, Mechille
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Re: This is SO bizzare i really need some advice here.

Postby pat » Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:37 am

wow, thats a tough one for me. I never had the aggression problem.

if he is hitting the fence, maybe try leaving then separate for awhile.
if there is a way you can remove the female if they fight, you could give it a try.

as far as I know, emu's don't generally kill another emu.

not sure, but, I think emu's can lay eggs that are not fertile.

how big is their pen?

if I can remember correctly, sometimes emu male/female will bond. but, only one on one.
there are also times, when a male and female will not bond, even if you had only 1 each.

there are some emu owners here, that might be able to give you further info.
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Re: This is SO bizzare i really need some advice here.

Postby Nicophorus » Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:20 pm

I have 2 males and 1 female. I recently had to move 1 of the males to his own pen because the other two (especially the male) were picking on him.

You should not ignore aggressive behavior in these birds, it can turn mortal. After I moved my male to his own pen I was hosing him down with water (he likes this) and the water separated his feathers and revealed his neck to be covered in red welts from the other emus pecking him. So don't wait until you find one of your emus with big kick wounds to intervene and separate. If some Emus decide they don't like a particular Emu, their instincts tell them to run that emu OUT of their territory. If you don't have acres (multiple acres) for them to self separate, you must physically separate them.

That is my advice on the matter.
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Re: This is SO bizzare i really need some advice here.

Postby Mechillemybell » Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:40 pm

Can emus be raised in a harem style (sorry but I just can't think of the right word) , where there are many females and fewer males? I am wondering if I have just mistaken the dancing as aggressive behavior. I heard that females danced for the males, which Zali did in the fall but we thought there was something wrong with him, and he was just a difficult and crazy emu.....then when Poppy started pushing on the fence and snapping at Zali lately....I don't know if that is more ritual mating stuff or aggression.......my known female, Leelah has only laid one egg and it was not fertile in 1 1/2 years that we've had her. So if we could put Zali in with Poppy and Leelah that would be great but NOT at the expense of either of their well being because I love them three SO very much!
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Re: This is SO bizzare i really need some advice here.

Postby AzureWolf » Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:22 pm

My Grandfather owned Emu for many years. I worked with them a lot. Normally he kept 1 to 2 males in with about 5 or so females. There was never a problem with aggression that I ever saw. And from my readings to their social behavior.

Emus communicate with two basic calls:the grunt and the drum (or boom). The grunt,which is given mainly by the male,has an aggressive message yet is far less intense than the drum (or boom). The drum or boom is mainly given by the female and is used for courtship and to make territorial claims.

They display by fluffing out their neck while drumming and at other times, by stretching themselves up to their full height and grunting with vigor. They generally tolerate each other fairly well however they may become quite aggressive during certain times of the year. Females fight vigorously amongst
themselves for access to unpaired males. Males that are broody will also become very aggressive towards other Emus, including their mates.

Female Emus are polygamous,which means they may mate with several males after their first partner This type of mating system is called successive or sequential polyandry. Once pairing has occurred in the summer,females and males may remain together for five months.

The female dominates the male during pair formation and initiates courtship however once incubation begins, the male becomes aggressive towards other Emus, including the female.Females take no part in incubating the eggs or caring for the young, this is done by the males.
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Re: This is SO bizzare i really need some advice here.

Postby Mechillemybell » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:30 pm

I have the mating pair in an area that is next to the area That I have Zali in....Poppy, the male...keeps bluffing up and runs up to the fence towards Zali while snapping, sometimes Zali will snap back and even fluff up as well but sometime Zali will just walk away....but Zali is BOOMING alot.....Leelah is booming once in a while and Poppy grunts once in a while. Zali had only what we thought was a grunt, one time over a year ago. Now Zali has just turned 2 years old....we just noticed the BOOMING....we are not sure if we should put Zali in with Leelah and Poppy or keep Zali and Poppy separated and find Zali a male mate before fall. Any suggestions.

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