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My First Emu Encounter

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My First Emu Encounter

Postby prk22 » Thu Jan 25, 2007 10:38 pm

So I mentioned this on the board the other day...and I said I would share so here it is:

My first day working at the Pittsburgh Zoo, I was instructed to go get something out of an old brick barn, which was in the closed North American Annex. So everything was wildly overgrown, and all these erry and empty exhibits I had to walk through/by to get up to the barn. Back in its prime, this barn was set in the middle of the North America area, connecting most of the large animal exhibits, to provide inside shelter. At this time, most of the wood walls were worn, and drafty, and you could tell the age of the building.

Then I was up there, and I was riffling through some shelves, when I heard this odd noise- the seemed to be on the other side of the wall. Now, to my knowledge at the time, there were NO animals left in the PZ North America area...due to the reason it was closed.

So I just thought I was scaring myself, and I went back to trying to find what I was sent there for. Then I turned around and through this golf ball sized hole in the wall at my eye level, this black eye starred back at me (think about the scene in Jurrasic Park where the raptor looks through the window). I basically screamed, and left the barn back down the hill, through the overgrown exhibits (which seemed to have more ruzzling around me), scaled and jumped a gate, and shut myself on the inside of the vet clinic.

Meanwhile everyone in ther was laughing their A's off. Apprently it was a set up, and my initiation to the staff...the 7 Emus that were off exhibit and waiting to be delivered to another zoo were held up there due to their space requirments, and our lack of them elsewhere in the park.

I was not pleased...but at least now I can laugh about it ;)

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