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my emu has an Neck & balance issue??

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my emu has an Neck & balance issue??

Postby Valentyne10 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:42 am

I have a 6 week old emu that has been doing fine. She is in my 12x16' aviary until she is big enough to put in her other pen.
She is on the game grower food right now, and gets fresh greens & lots of water.

I noticed that she has had some runny stool, but then the last few days she is walking around with her head real low and close to her body and slightly off to one side.

She stays this way. acts like she has problems expanding her neck.
every now and then she will start walking backwards...act like she is losing her balance...and then go forward.
She is eating and drinking okay.

She does have acess to some of the bird seed that falls from the cages above.
so I'm not sure if this is causing an issue.

She has not been wormed yet.

Does anyone have any idea what the deal is.
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Re: my emu has an Neck & balance issue??

Postby BB » Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:12 am

Sorry nobody replied, everyone is busy in the fox section... :roll: :mrgreen:
Anyway, I'm not quite sure about your emus problem, but I have seen an emu not so long ago which walked really funny, like he has sores on the sole of his feet. It ended up an bacterial infection.
I try worming regardless. Can you handle your emu? Could you feel something wrong along the neck?
I've heard (here in Australia) cockatoos and similar can give chickens diseases when they come in and steel the chook food in the pen (hasn't happened to my chickens, thankfully) so I'm not quite sure about the birdseed at you place...
I hope cutitdead or someone with emus can give you more info...

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