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"Man-Eating Zombie Cats"

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"Man-Eating Zombie Cats"

Postby vulpini » Sun May 24, 2015 6:55 pm

So I was watching something on Animal Planet called "Man-Eating Zombie Cats" (by now I know not to trust AP very much--anyone who has heard of the Call of the Wildman controversy knows why. Just something to watch :lol: ) They're basically calling canine distemper the Zombie Virus or something I think, and saying that it might be causing big cats to have less fear of humans.

They go through reenactments of people getting attacked by big cats (the actual people told the stories, but the other parts were just really badly superimposed videos of cats eating merged with videos of an actor pretending to be attacked). I guess the point they're trying to make is that all of these big cats have gone psycho because of canine distemper.

The thing that made me upset was this one story about a /poacher/ trying to hunt an Amur Tiger, (which I'm assuming is illegal) and then they went on to describe how he died because of one of those tigers. But then later on they referred to the man as a hunter, and not a poacher, seemingly trying to make the attack seem all "Oh poor human attacked by the big, evil cat," ect, ect. Apparently he took some boar meat from a carcass and that caused the tiger to attack later on or something :shrug: It just bothered me that they didn't mention how rare tigers are and that this guy was trying to poach one...

Anyways, I'm wondering if this is just is just another of AP's entertainment stories with no real basis, or if this sounds legitimate. They're saying that the cats are less afraid of humans because of CD, ect.
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Re: "Man-Eating Zombie Cats"

Postby pat » Sun May 24, 2015 8:32 pm

never heard of that one before. I don't watch too much of anything on AP. I think AP puts their own spin a lot of the shows there.

I did watch a little bit of the show "call of the wildman" :roll: I thought it was pretty stupid from the little bit I did see.
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Re: "Man-Eating Zombie Cats"

Postby TamanduaGirl » Sun May 24, 2015 8:41 pm

Distemper is a huge threat to lions in the wild but it kills them.

Usually if a big cat attacks a human it's a very old or injured cat that is just going after something it sees as easy since it can't handle it's normal prey any more and is desperate.

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