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culling runts

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culling runts

Postby naja-naja » Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:09 pm

as the topic says, if you (as a breeder) produced an animal that you could not, in good conscience sell as a healthy animal to anyone else, what would you do with it? keep it as a pet forever? give it free to a friend on condition that it was gelded/castrated/neutered or agreed never to be bred?

to take it up to another level, assuming most people would try to place in a good home or keep themselves and only euthanize if the animal was suffering. what would you do if you could not keep yourself and could not find what you would consider to be an acceptable forever home? would you take the chance on any home that was offered? would you compromise on space and try to keep yourself anyway? would you euthanize? (again, only in the case of animals, that for whatever reason, could not be sold as healthy, e.g. runt, blind, malformed, organ issues, ongoing medical care required etc)
what would you do in the case where you could not be sure whether the animal was suffering or not? would you wait to see if any suffering became apparent before euthanasia? or would you opt for culling right away to avoid potential suffering?

It would be interesting to hear people's opinions on what could be one of the most controversial topics in the hobbyist or companion animal world (not such an issue for commercial farmers obviously)
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Re: culling runts

Postby Whisper » Fri Sep 04, 2015 2:25 pm

For me, it would depend on the issue. I could not sell a sick animal to someone, unless they wanted it, and knew what care it needed. I would have a really tough time selling it to someone, its hard to sell a healthy animal to a good home, let alone a sick one. If it was in pain i would euthanize it. I would try to keep anything like a blind. I would wait wait to know if it was suffering to euthanize, but it is hard to tell in some animals
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Re: culling runts

Postby Ana » Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:35 pm

Breeding animals for profit is, on its own, an ethical minefield. To kill any that don't
meet an arbitrary criteria is eugenics, which as you probably know, is even more of
a minefield. I support eugenics in every species, using the criteria of quality of life
and pain, according to the tenets of painism, as outlined here :


So, you'd have to find a way to justify your personal approach to eugenics first, then
you'd have to secure the means of humane euthanasia, and become competent in
carrying it out, which can be too haunting and emotionally difficult for many people.

In terms of blindness, mild deformity, tiny size? Being spayed or neutered would be
sufficient, in my estimation, because my ethics don't consider those things to reduce
quality of life to the point that life should end. For others, they may feel differently.
It's extremely subjective, and the caregivers for the disabled (of any species) tend to
quickly become emotional and defensive of their ward, and their "right to life", which
completely circumvents the argument. It's definitely an interesting discussion!

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