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Jane Goodall

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Re: Jane Goodall

Postby Nìmwey » Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:16 am

Yeah... and now that you're mentioning physicists, makes me think of an article on Ric O'Barry's "Dolphin project". That guy is full of bull, we knew that already before, but in this article about a pilot whale named Bimbo (1960s), they write "Dr. M. E. Webber, a physicist with an interest in cetaceans, was called in to figure out what was causing his hunger strike. Webber diagnosed Bimbo with manic depressive psychosis"


First of all, we DON'T have ways of diagnosing animals, let alone whales, with human mental conditions, and they have a physicist do it?

And if you've seen Elephant in the Living Room, they have a medical doctor (yeah, for humans) stand there posing like "the expert" commenting on how horrible people who own exotics are.

Sigh... I loathe credential mongering, but this is credential mongering where your credentials are in AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FIELD.

Sorry for shouting. :icon-wink:
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