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Exotic Auction happening in Southern Ontario

Dates and information for all type animal sale or auctions

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Exotic Auction happening in Southern Ontario

Postby veralidaine » Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:05 pm

Hey Guys,

I thought I'd post this since it's only about a 7 hour drive from Mt. Hope (My parents and I regularly make that kind of drive between my home town and university so I'm kind of desensitized to the length and don't know if you'd want to make the drive). It's an exotic auction that is happening not too far from where I am. If you're able to move the animal/s over the border (which is easy to find out, you can use the CFIA AIRS site), perhaps you'd want to either purchase animal or even sell one?

Here is the info;

Tiger Paw
Odd Exotics& Unusual Sale
Sat. November 3rd, 2012
Orangeville fairgrounds
247090 Sideroad 5
Mono, Ontario
L0N 1A0
google "OAS Event Centre" for map
10:00 am Auction
$5.00 admission charge

We will have the same great variety of animals we always do.
If you are looking for farm stock such as Long horn, highland, zebu cattle, llamas, alpacas, pygmy goats, boar goats, miniature and standard donkeys, riding horses and ponies or fancy chickens, ducks or pheasants plan to attend.
We will have unusual and exotic stock, reptiles, pet shop birds, rabbits, mice, rats, or gerbils do not miss this date.

Early consignments:
• Bacterian Camel gelding (broke to ride)
• Female bottle baby Red Kanagroo
• Pair of Black and White Ruff Lemurs
• Male Bennet Wallaby
• Female Poitou Donkey
• Complete dispersal of Miniature Donkeys (20 females some with babies at side)
• 2 female Mammoth Donkeys
• 3 female Miniature horses
• Alpacas
• Llamas
• Grants Zebra bottle baby male
• Grants Zebra bottle baby female
• 2 female Africian porcupines
• Patagonian Cavies
• Female Coatimundi
• Riding ponies
• Pygmy Goats
• Africian Boar Goats
• Zebu Bull
• 2 Highlander Cows
• Male Ring Tailed Lemur
• More Consignments coming daily.

This is a consignment auction, bring your stock to sell but as always bring your trailer to take home the animals you buy.

Bid in $20.00

Note: All horses, ponies, llamas, alpacas and donkeys must have a suitable halter. All box animals must be suitable boxes. We reserve the right to refuse any animal and/or person from the sale. Humane Society and CFIA will be in attendance to inspect animals, cages and transport. This will be a large sale, come expecting to spend the day.

For information or consignments email:
Tim Height 519-848-6736

Special Attention

*All pigs must be in suitable crates (no wire dog cages), no pigs over 20 pounds

*All horses, donkeys & llamas must be haltered BEFORE arriving at the receiving doors. Tiger Paw staff WILL NOT halter animals

We have changed our sale location. Thanks to the Ontario Livestock exchange for so many great years. Unfortunatly narrow minded Woolwich town council has made it impossible for the sale to continue within the township. We look forward to working with the Orangeville fairgrounds.

Be advised there will be a presence of animal rights activists, humane society inspectors and media personnel. There will be hidden cameras and video phones. We will be under the world’s watchful eye and expect to see portions televised throughout North America. Let’s show them what a great group of animal specialist we are!!


Atlanta Motel 1-877-941-8280 316 Broadway Ave Orangeville. Special sale rooms $75 and $85 per night
Maple Inn 1-519-307-2600 236 First Street Orangeville. Same room special This motel is closer but under renovation!
Best Western 1-519-941-3311 7 Buena Vista Drive Orangeville. Rooms are more expensive but a up-scale hotel with a pool

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