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Eastern Tiger Salamander

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Eastern Tiger Salamander

Postby Ash » Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:05 pm

Well, I got an Eastern tiger salamander given to me from a previous client I pet-sat for. This is the last new animal I will be getting for some time.

I am assuming it is a girl after reading a few different ways to tell. Looking at her tail and size. We have 2 tiger salamanders where I work too--a confirmed pair--so I also think mine looks more like the female.

Her name is Goop. :) I thought it was a cute name for a salamander regardless of gender. She's very friendly with a cute, wide-mouthed smile. I don't regret bringing her home. She will be great to use as an example of an amphibian during programs. I exhibited her to a group of 5 kids and let them feed her. They all thought she was really cool.

Her previous owners kept her in a plastic tub with a live plant. The plant is still going strong, and it looks really nice in there. Aside from the plant, Goop has a shallow water dish (I want to get her a deeper one soon), a cave, some slick river rock, and a lot of moist eco-earth, of course. She likes to eat mealworms and crickets, but I would like to give her some dubias and phoenix worms too. The ones at work love the phoenix worms. Her substrate is only 2' right now, but I'm going to make it about 4' so she can dig deeper. The owners gave me a year supply of eco-earth and cricket food to make sure I was prepared.

Anyways, I like Goop. And Goop likes me. :P
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