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What kinds of lizards and lizard like amphibians can be had as pets?

Snakes, Lizards, Salamanders, Turtles, Frogs, etc.

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What kinds of lizards and lizard like amphibians can be had as pets?

Postby caninesrock » Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:22 pm

Well, like the topic says, what kinds of lizards and lizard like amphibians (so newts, and all salamanders including aquatic ones like mudpuppies, sirens, and axolotls, etc.) can be found as pets? I'm mostly wondering about ones that can be captive bred. I know as long as its legal to catch it and it lives in your area, you can probably have almost anything, but I'm only looking for captive bred. It will be awhile if ever before I ever get any reptiles and amphibians, but I'm trying to educate myself more on the subject. I always love watching the little lizards that are scampering around at my apartment complex and at the parking lot at work, which I now know are called anoles thanks to you guys. :mrgreen:

Anyways, I'm just trying to figure out all what's available.

I already know that you can get some types of geckos, anoles, skinks, chameleons, iguanas, and monitors. I saw you could even have a type of lizard called a Flying Dragon. I don't know if they are captive bred or not though, but they sound awesome. It may be on my wishlist as far distant "maybe" pet if/when I get experience with other lizards first.

What other lizards can you get?

Also, what kind of amphibians? I know about axolotls and in a previous topic, I found out I could get mudpuppies/waterdogs. What about sirens, olms, other salmanders, and newts? Basically pretty much any amphibian that's not like a frog or toad counts to me as being "lizard-like" even if it doesn't look that much like a lizard.

Here's everything that counts as a type of salamander according to wiki:

And here's types of newts from wiki:

More salamanders and newts:

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Re: What kinds of lizards and lizard like amphibians can be had as pets?

Postby hecate » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:28 am

Are Jeweled Lacertas (Lacerta lepida/Timon lepidus) still available? I've never kept them myself but met some who belonged to a fellow Chicago Herpetological Society member about a million years ago. They were good sized, diurnal, from a temperate climate, easy keepers, and when properly socialized delightful to handle. They would come right over and climb onto your hand. I always thought if I ever decided to do lizards I would start with them.

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Re: What kinds of lizards and lizard like amphibians can be had as pets?

Postby TamanduaGirl » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:04 pm

A list would be huge you can get all kinds of stuff. You can find the harder to find and interesting stuff here https://www.facebook.com/groups/411542952299837/

I like the idea of the Red Eye Crocidille skinks. They are nocturnal but that's nothing new here. You can keep them in pairs and they will actually sleep next to each other and are fairly easy to keep as a starter. But they are more of a look at than a play with sort. Biggest plus though... They look like mini Dragons.
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Re: What kinds of lizards and lizard like amphibians can be had as pets?

Postby minervasden » Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:39 pm

hecate wrote:Are Jeweled Lacertas (Lacerta lepida/Timon lepidus) still available

There's one at the pet store right now for $80
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Re: What kinds of lizards and lizard like amphibians can be had as pets?

Postby Ash » Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:53 am

The red-eyed crocodile skinks are on my list of favorite lizards. :))) Would love to have some one day. If I wasn't saving up for the aardwolves now, they would really be the next lizard I'd get! Such cuties.

And you can still get the jeweled lacertas.

Tegus are another kind. Depending on the species, tegus can make affectionate pets.
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