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Do Lizards Have Teeth?

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Do Lizards Have Teeth?

Postby Ash » Thu Sep 15, 2016 5:28 pm

Yes, they do!


This is a Mexican Spinytailed Iguana (c. pectinata). Just because many iguanas are herbivorous doesn't mean they don't have wickedly sharp teeth. They have to cut through fruit and vegetation somehow, and flat teeth won't do.

I've been asked many times about lizards and what they can do with their mouths ever since I became a reptile educator. Especially whether or not they bite, or if they have teeth.

Just because they don't use them on you doesn't mean they don't have them. All lizards have teeth. Whether it is to shear through vegetation like an iguana, or to seize hold of a prey item like a monitor, they are there and they will use them when they are provoked as well as when they are mating.

Yes, even your bearded dragon has teeth (that's a surprise to most people).

Sometimes a lizard will smile, and you won't see their teeth. Monitors are a type of lizard like this. That's because their teeth are deep in their gum line with only a little bit of the sharp part poking up. At work we feed our giant water monitor for the public. I dangle a rat over his head, and he opens his mouth wide. Often I hear people in the audience comment about its lack of teeth. Oh, the teeth are there alright. Monitors are lizards, and monitors definitely have teeth. If you get close enough, you can see them. And if you get too close, you won't have a doubt. :icon-wink:
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