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Crocodilians and UVB

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Crocodilians and UVB

Postby Ash » Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:21 pm

I just wanted to make a post about crocodilians needing UVB so that maybe it can show up in the search when people are googling it.

They absolutely MUST have it.

An acquaintance of mine who trained me on crocodilians actually took in a rescue gator that did not receive proper UVB. She can only open her mouth 2 inches and has to be hand fed. This alligator also is not the first case he has seen of metabolic bone disease being so damaging to an animal's basic movements. It happens all the time at educational facilities trying to raise gators for educational purposes, as well as in private collections.

So for those of you wanting a crocodilian, you need to make sure you provide a very good source of UVB. Not to mention the UVB needs to cover their whole body, not just one spot. So multiple bulbs all lined up are needed for proper growth.

Crocs that do not get proper amounts of UVB suffer from facial deformities. You will often see their teeth at add angle, sticking up and sometimes poking through their upper or lower jaw where they're not supposed to.

So just because they are tough and built like tanks doesn't mean they aren't fragile creatures. They will get metabolic bone disease (MBD) if one is not careful to provide the correct nutrients in their diet and the correct lighting.

Always be sure to provide an animal with proper husbandry as well as a proper diet. You are the animal's caretaker. You chose to bring this animal into your life. So choose to give it a good one.
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