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Thinking About Starting My First Terarrium

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Thinking About Starting My First Terarrium

Postby Ragtatter » Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:57 pm

I've been fascinated by reptiles for a while, and I take care of them on weekends at my petstore job, but I've never set up my own terrarium before.

I'd noticed a neat little ExoTerra terrarium, (A foot and a half high on a foot square base)

It's similar to this one, only half again taller:
http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.j ... Id=2811523

I know about basic reptile and amphibian care, and I was thinking about keeping a pair of Green Anoles (a male and a female, or two females), and maybe either a small treefrog (Green Treefrog, Red-Eyed Treefrog, Tomato Frog, or Tiger-Legged Monkey Frog) or a Gold Dust Day Gecko.

My two main questions are:
#1. Are these species compatible?
#2. Is a 12x12x18 inch terrarium big enough to hold two anoles, and a frog or gold dust day gecko?

Twice a year at work, in December and June, we get a day when instead of 15% off, we get 30% off, so I'm planning on getting all my ducks in a row and getting everything I need together so I can buy all of the equipment at once in December. Naturally, to know what to get, I need to have what species I'll be keeping planned out in advance.

Edit: To make sure there's no common-name confusion, here are the scientific names of the species I was considering:

Green Anole: Anolis carolinensis
Red-Eyed Treefrog: Agalychnis callidryas
Tiger-legged Monkey Frog: Phyllomedusa hypocondrialsis
Tomato Frog: Dyscophus antongilii
Green Treefrog: Hyla cinerea
Gold Dust Day Gecko: Phelsuma laticauda

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