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Smiling Animals

For photos by members and discussion of photo and picture taking, gear etc. Mostly centered around taking photos of pets and animals.

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Smiling Animals

Postby BlueBaby1023 » Wed Oct 01, 2014 10:16 pm

I've been gone for a couple weeks, just for personal reasons. It's been busy and a bit rough around my apartment since I lost Darwin, so I needed some time to myself.

At any rate, I came across this post on Facebook tonight and thought that anyone who needs a laugh might want a look at this. It certainly made me feel better.

http://www.dose.com/lists/2909/22-Anima ... site_share
4 Fancy Rats
2 American Guinea Pigs
1 Holland Lop Rabbit
1 Rex Rabbit
2 Ferrets
1 Lutino Cockatiel
5 Mixed Breed Cats
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1 Greyhound
2 Great PyrxAnatolian Shepherds
2 Red Foxes
5 Goats
~100 chickens, ducks, and turkeys
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Re: Smiling Animals

Postby Vomaxx » Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:41 pm

These are adorable. Thanks for posting them!

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