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Photos for Book

For photos by members and discussion of photo and picture taking, gear etc. Mostly centered around taking photos of pets and animals.

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Photos for Book

Postby GitaBooks » Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:22 am

Hey everyone. I've got a fun contest for you guys to join if you'd like. Its all about photography, so get out your cameras and get the BEST photos you can. Try just to submit a couple if you can, a couple of your best.

I'm writing a book on the different kinds of exotic (non-domestic) rodents and other small mammals kept as pets and need some photographs for it. I'd love it if you guys could share some of your favorites of your pets. I only need one to four or so pictures of each individual species, so I may not put everyone's photos into the book, however, I'd love to see all your guys animals!

.... Domestic rodents/rabbits don't count. Please do not add pictures of Syrian Hamsters, Mongolian Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Domestic Rabbits, Chinchillas (unless known to be a pure Short-tail or Long-tail), Fancy Rats, or Fancy Mice. However, Degus and dwarf hamsters are accepted, as are Roof/Black Rats.
....Species in this book include Rodents, small insectivores (shrews, moles, hedgehogs, tenrecs, solendons, moonrats), rabbits/hares, and pikas. If you have any rodent or small insectivorous mammal then I'd love to see your photos. Jirds, tree squirrels, prairie dogs, capybaras, flying squirrels, tree shrews, hedgehogs, they all count!
....Please state the species/subspecies/color variety (if known) of the animal. Age doesn't matter (though posting it would be of help). Multiple animals per photo can be used.
....I'm not sure when I'm going to close this "contest" up, but I'm guessing not for a few months, so take your time to get some great photos.
....Please do not have people's faces in your photos, just the animals. If you do have a human in the photo, just having a hand holding said animal is preferred.
....The better quality the photo, the better it makes the animals look. Try to get your picture so the flash, lighting, blur (or lack there of) and such are just right so that your animal looks at its best. High quality photos are a beauty to see, so try not to zoom in so close the animal looks out of proportions or to zoom out so far you have to strain to see them.
...Try to get a shot that includes the entire body of the animal including its face. Behaviors are interesting but a normal standing position is best. The less distractions such as toys, messy bedding, cage bars, ect, the more enjoyable the photo is to look at. However, if you have a picture of a rodent being handled, gliding (in the case of flying squirrels), digging, eating, grooming, ect, those can add to the character of the photo so feel free to post these if you wish. : )
....Avoid any copy-right in the photos, just to be on the safe side. Copy-right just means things like books, fast-food bags, videos, or t-shirts with words on them that may be caught in the photo. The focus should be on the rodent(s). :icon-wink:
...Feel free to add any information on the age, gender, color, and name of the animal(s) in the photo if you wish it to be added under the picture during publishing. Place this right above or below the animal so that I know which information you want added and which is just for the fun of talking about your animals.
.... If you want your name with the photo or the name of your company or website added with it then please specify, otherwise your name will not be added with the photo or anywhere else in the book.

PLEASE READ: Any photos that are submitted may be used in this book that will be published and sold for money. However, though you have given the right of your photo towards this book, you can still keep and use the photo for whatever you would like and it still belongs to you. The photos you give will only be used for this book or other books in the series, so don't worry about it being used for other random things like coffee mugs. :mrgreen:
By submitting a photo into this thread you are giving the right of letting it be published into this rodent book. So only turn in a photo if you want this to be done! You will not be getting paid for the photo and your name will only be placed with it if specified by you.

Thank you so much guys! Have fun showing off your awesome pets and I look forward to seeing all of them! This will help me so much. Thank you again. : )
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Re: Photos for Book

Postby Ash » Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:29 pm

Sounds interesting! I don't have a rodent (yet), but will definitely post a pic here when I do.
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