could anyone post this on their Facebook, or whatever they have for media. It is for Lucy (my beagle) She is totally blind from cataracts in both eyes. She can get surgery, but, it cost $1000.00 per eye. Even if I got one eye done, it is better than nothing at all.

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Lesser bushbabies

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Lesser bushbabies

Postby TexasYankee » Thu May 28, 2015 11:43 pm

I've noticed that almost without exception, bushbabies for sale in the United States are greater bushbabies of the genus Otolemur.

Youtube videos of pet bushbabies seem to be mostly lesser bushbabies (genus Galago), and largely within their native range. In the United States I've found exactly one place (in Minnesota) which claims to sell them. I haven't confirmed that they're still breeding because I don't want to bother them; it will likely be several years before I'm able to properly house a bushbaby. In the meantime, I'm a bit worried that they'll have closed down before I'm prepared to obtain one.

So of course I've been wondering: does anybody know why most bushbabies sold in the US are greater bushbabies? Are the Otolemurs really that much easier to breed? Or were there just more of them in the country before the CDC implemented its primate ban? If the latter, why were there more of them in the country? Is it because people prefer their pug-like faces, or because the countries they live in were easier to get animals from, or what?

Also, I've never seen three genera of bushbabies (Euoticus, Sciurocheirus, and Galagoides) for sale to private owners at all. They don't seem to be common in Europe either. Anyone know what the deal with these genera is? All of them have members which are classified as least concern, and if breeding were an issue you'd expect to see some of them in countries which still import primates.
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Re: Lesser bushbabies

Postby Ash » Fri May 29, 2015 3:40 pm

I believe Chasing-Tail breeds them. TamanduaGirl would know more about that though since she's friends with them.
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