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Opossum Update - One question

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Opossum Update - One question

Postby Luxe » Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:10 pm


My friend thanks Tamanduagirl so much for helping her figure out what kind of moisturizer would be safe. She says they're doing a lot better now, each of them reaching the mid 40's in grams.

I've asked her to give me up dates on one in particular, as I'm hoping to maybe adopt him. I'm currently checking with our county and state regulations regarding opossums as pets, by far it's looking like I just have to build an enclosure and apply for a permit, so here's hoping! I've named him Ozzy.

Now, I have been helping her, for the most part, in giving tips on keeping really young babies going since, as mentioned previously, she only had experience with juveniles and no other local rehabber in a 75 mile radius would take them. I'm not a licensed rehabber, though may want to be later, but I do a lot of research and personally rescue orphans myself and take them to our local rehabbers that have space(our people are a lot more tolerant of any wildlife in need).

I do have one question, as I'm finding it difficult to find the answer. Specifically at what age do they start coming out of their mother's pouch and start climbing around on her back?


This is Ozzy. He's fairly lazy, often found either asleep or lazily scratching an itch. He gets very active prior to feeding time and currently weighs in at 43.6g as of last night.
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Re: Opossum Update - One question

Postby TamanduaGirl » Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:39 pm

They stay in the pouch about two and a half months but it's not exact as they first start peaking out and then start going in and out till they get to be too big for it.

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