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Va Opossums Refusing to Eat Veggies

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Va Opossums Refusing to Eat Veggies

Postby TrashKitty » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:12 pm

Hey guys,

I'm kind of freaked out, right now. I have two (2) Virginia Opossums that have been amazing family members! I've loved all the extra time and energy that they require. But, in the last month or so, they've changed...

Not thier personalities, but their eating. It used to be that they'd plow into their veggies and fruits, almost before I could put them down. However, starting about a month ago, they stopped eating anything but protein. As in, they're on day five (5) (tonight will be night six (6)) of not eating. If I put out eggs, they get right into it. But as soon as I mix in any veggies, they ignore them, completely.

I'm wondering if there are any suggestions on how to get them back on a good diet. I'm VERY concerned! I'm told they might be in heat, but that shouldn't last over a month. Should I just keep putting out just the good for them foods, and hope they eat? Will they, eventually, eat what's there, or will they actually starve?

I LOATHE the thought of them being hungry! And I large the idea of them eating per sh** that will quickly lead to their demise.

Please help!
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Re: Va Opossums Refusing to Eat Veggies

Postby TamanduaGirl » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:31 pm

From a previous thread

yea opossums live to eat.. but are extremely picky.. zax would go three days without eating, but then finally eat what i put down.. opossum are picky but it is possible

the tip to veggie seduction is baby food veggie/fruit... or if youre gunna feed regular veggies, boil in honey

Can try flavoring the veggies with a dab of honey


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