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Looking for some red, Duroc pigglets

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Looking for some red, Duroc pigglets

Postby JBTHEMILKER » Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:02 am

Greetings fellow lovers of swine.
I have recently landed myself a job at a local dairy farm. In the past when I have worked on dairies, the milk that comes from medicated cows and from the cleaning of the lines that is not fit to be sold was always used to feed the young calves. Now with the fear of mad cow the milk from cows is no longer use to feed young calves. The dairy has about 15 gallons of waste milk twice daily that is now gives away.
I have always loved to raise up young pigs. I like to start off with a mating pair of pigs and keep a few of the gilts to breed. I can then put most of the barrows in the freezer and sell of any extra piglets I have.
I have talked my employer into using one of his stalls to raise a batch of pigs. I am looking for some nice red Duroc pigs to get started with. I am in the market for a boar for one place and at least one female from some place else.
I plan to feed these pigs with the waste milk and corn. It is harvest time now at the dairy. We have about 1,500 bushels of shell corn and about 30,000 tons of chopped corn silage in addition to the waste milk. I figure even after the cows eat all they want, there will be enough corn left over as waste corn, from cleaning up around the silos and the like that we will have plenty of feed for a small batch of pigs.
During the colder months I plan to keep the pigs in a barn where the dry heifers are housed. I have running water there through the winter and the barn is kept warm by all the cattle. I figure I can clean the stall out into the automatic gutter cleaner just as if the stall were being used for calves as it was designed.
During the summer I plan to have a roving pasture for the pigs. We have electric fence all around the 400 plus or minus acres of farm land. I figure I can make a shelter like I have before with wheels on one end that can be wheeled around, moving the pigs along the fence line giving them fresh pasture every other week or so. I will only be limited by where I can get them water. I have found that once pigs have been trained to it, the net electric fence works like a charm for keeping in pigs. The single wire fence also works well if you keep it at just the right height. I have always found that by keeping pigs moving, they keep themselves clean and they leave behind fertile ground that has been all churned up ready to grow fresh grass for pasture.
I am posting here in hopes of finding some nice red pigs to start my line of pigs with. One time before when I raised pigs, I kept the same strain of pigs for 15 years, always keeping the females and using them to produce more pigs. I hope at this dairy I can show them how this can be done to keep their freezer full and to have young home grown pigs to sell to their neighbors.
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