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Can you tell me what breed of pig this is?

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Can you tell me what breed of pig this is?

Postby jollyjammer » Fri Sep 04, 2009 4:14 am

Hi there. I am from Cape Town, South Africa. Two months ago I acquired a pig. She was sold to me as a miniature. She is currently two months old and is approximately 40cm tall. She has short legs, and big loppy ears. She has a small, short snout. She weighed 85g when I got her, at 3 days old and is now very close to 22kgs. She is an absolute beauty. Just wish I could successfully house train her as she urinates on the carpeting in the house, making us very unhappy. Do you have any info you can assist me with in helping my Bubbles become a good girl??
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Postby BB » Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:04 am

Have you got a photo of you piggy?
Dinnka just got her beautiful girl of Lasergrl, those two would be the best to answer your question.
My pig lives outside so no training required although she has her certain spots and is very clean anywhere else...
Good luck!
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Postby dinnka » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:52 pm

as for urinating on the carpet... Sarah was litter trained the 1st day she came home at 3 weeks old. We put her in the bathroom with a litterbox ( we put wood chips in the litterbox, not litter) she was confined to the small area of the bathroom for 2 weeks. she went right to the litter box with no problem. Now she has run of the house with the dogs as long as we can supervise ( dogs tend to chase her if she runs) she did have a accident when we first let her run the house, she was on the opposite end of the house and I dont think she realized she had to walk to the other end, back into her room to go pee., now if we let her out we put an extra litter box at the other end of the house. She has far out grown her cat litter box and has now resorted to using the bottom of a large rabbit cage for her litter box. We still use the wood chips instead of litter and only have to clean it out once a day.
She is amazing little girl and my absolute doll, but she does have her issues. especially iff she can hear me but not see me she will scream bloddy murder and does the other sound I swear it sounds like she is saying "mama"..so funny.. But I have made the mistake of spoiling her with food and attention so now she DEMANDS both, if I ignore her when she wants me to pet her she will scream and start rooting on my leg, if I procede to ingnore her she ever so politely reminds me that she is down there and wants attention by a swift bite to the ankle
If she wants food ( and when doesnt she) she will trip me up by running under my feet as I am bringing it to her.
So please do not spoil your little piggy so much she becomes "DIVA PIG" and thinks the world revolves around her...lol..
Sarah still doesnt understand why mommy has other things to do than rub her belly...
I love her to death, but I will NEVER SPOIL A PIG AGAIN!!!!
so start your piggy with a litter box confined to a very small area of your house, when she has mastered that she can go to a bigger area. If you want her to be with you in the living room, bring her litter box too, just till she gets the idea that is where she needs to go.
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Postby Lasergrl » Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:11 pm

oh there is still time to unspoil her, but, its hard when you want so bad to spoil them. I have a diva goat. But I totally enable it still to this day but I actually really like it :mrgreen:

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