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Water Source for Gordy

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Water Source for Gordy

Postby FilterLady » Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:47 pm

Hi Ya'll: I wanted to get some suggestions on the best way to provide a constant source of fresh water for Gordy. Do those nipple waterer things really work? We have a water container that we keep cleaned out and filled but it gets so hot sometimes. I worry if I'm gone for an entire day that the water won't stay cool and fresh.

According to our vet, Gordy weighs about 300 pounds now. He's still a big baby and loves anything sweet.....especially those heart shaped marshmellows from Valentines Day!

He still does not realize that he is a pig...actually a Russian Boar....he thinks he's one of our outside cats, lol.

Thanks for the info!
I love my babies, 5 cats and a russian boar piglet!
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Re: Water Source for Gordy

Postby BB » Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:12 pm

Ah, I haven't heard from Gordy for a while! I'm glad he is doing fine!

I tried those nipple things for my first pig and it didn't work. But maybe my pressure wasn't enough. I had a 20liter container high up and gravity fed, but I noticed that it was leaking and emptied the container in no time.
I find those horse trough floats better.

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