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It is for Lucy (my beagle) she has some serious health issues.

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Holy near heart attack, batman @_@

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Holy near heart attack, batman @_@

Postby CitricPrincess » Tue May 19, 2015 2:43 pm

One of my betta fish has magical powers, I swear. I'm unsure whether it's phasing, body contortion or what, but I see no natural way he could've done what he did last night. And now that the danger seems over I must rid myself of the remainder of the jittery-fear of it by telling all the people the odd story.

Alright, so my current collection of bettas consists of three males, all petstore fish and yet happy and healthy. Well, that can hopefully still be said after this tale.
Nova - Melano black doubletail. Loves nothing more than lurking in the shadows of his aquarium plants pretending to be all mysterious, but looses his cool demeanor for giddy excitement when treated freeze-dried brine shrimp.
Mirai - Green doubletail. My quirky fellow, always off on a new adventure that makes human observers think 'what the heck is that crazy fish up to', and therefore unpredictable. I'm not even 100% sure what his favorite food is or whether he enjoys or dislikes my approach to the tank. I'm quite sure he doesn't know either. Shortly after I got him I had to treat him for finrot, but the treatment had been successful and his ragged finnage was improving.
Dark Eyes Crystal Dragon- AKA 'Crys'. White/Cellophane delta-tail. My newest aquatic dear, his pitch black eyes against his practically colorless form gave him his name. That and the honor of being purchased by a nerdy as can be girl in the presence of her just as nerdy little brother. He's active and curious and friendly, loving to greet me as I near his tank, and loves to explore every rock on the floor or leaf on his plants, a personality a little more common to the girly bettas XD

There's also my younger brother's fish, Sercy, a blue female betta he had purchased as an unsexed baby at the store and raised to a beautiful adult with lot's of personality, but she's even less relevant to this story than Nova, who had no part in the fun, thank goodness.

So, my three boys are housed in a three-tank waterfall system. A little on the small side, to be honest, but I have taken every precaution to keep them happy and healthy and safe in it. Mirai is in the first tank, just after the filter, Crys has the middle, and Nova has the far side. As suggested by 'waterfall', each tank is slightly lower set than the one before it and water is allowed to flow down the line till the end where it is cycled back to the pump and filter. Each section has a lid and for the most part the passage for the water between tanks is too small for a betta of any size larger than a fry to fit through, however when I first got Mirai he was somewhat thin and loved laying against the opening and letting it drag his tail through. At the time the middle tank was empty, and it seemed it couldn't pull him through past his ribs, but I still worried he'd injure himself or pulled through by a fish in the middle tank as I hoped to fill it eventually, so I put extra blockages there. The water is still able to get through unhindered, but Mirai has proven unable to get even his tail to fit through. Not to mention, he is now at a much healthier weight and not nearly so slender as he was to begin with.

And so in this setup, all were safe and happy and thriving. ... Till last night

Per usual, nothing special, I was working on my computer in my Dad's office while watching X-Files with my dad and brother. And per usual I had glanced over at my fishtank that sits on top of a short shelf unit we use to store boxes of various wires and cords and other such technology and junk, as it never fails to make me smile to see my three fish swiming and exploring happily, now with Sercy's tank sat beside my boys' where occassional I think one of them and her catch glimpses of each other and trade a little flirty dancing to my amusement before fading attention spans and inability to reach one another draws them back to the explorations of their own spaces. But this time when I glanced over, I saw something to be amiss. In the middle tank, where the only swimming shape should have been the white phantasmic form of Crys, there was a curious shining green shape swimming. Those two parts of the system are able to be switched, but no one had done so for any reason, I'm the only one who knows how.

And so I nearly panic, the only thiing keeping me from doing so is that my history of being so shy and reserved that I barely externally react by any emotions (Mom and Dad barely know what I like or don't like 'cause they can't tell a difference between my utter excitement, terrible distaste, and neutral indifference), and I rush over to the fish tanks, swiftly as I can reaching in to grab and secure Mirai, ignoring the water I displace onto the surface the tank is placed on, and replacing him into his own tank. Then I double, triple check the set up. All blockages, default and extra are in place. Nothing he can fit through, no place for him to jump over successfully, nothing seems to be amiss. I can not find any way Mirai could've gotten free of his own tank into Crys's tank. None at all. Later that night I return to the office as I forgot something when I was preparing bed and checked on them again, Mirai was laying against the water's escape fall again, but completely unable to fit through, any part of him. I still tapped above it to chase him away from it, but there was no way he'd get through at all.

Both were alive, thank goodness. Large chunks removed from the fins of both, what ever healing from Mirai's previous finrot fiasco had been completely undone and then some, and he seemed to have some scuffs up around his head. But I couldn't see any open wounds, so I knew of nothing I could do than treat them with a little of the fin-rot medication to try to avoid infection setting in, and keep an eye on them both.

Over 12 hours after that happened, they both seem to have their energy back and seem to be moving around their respective tanks normally again, panting and fin clamping has subsided, so I find myself optimistic that they are both alright. But that was strike 2 for this tank system, and there's no proof theirs a problem in the tank system instead of my fish having super powers (after all, I have heard tales of bettas disappearing from completely sealed tanks for no good reason), if one more think happens I'm gonna have to transfer my fish back to the cheap, ugly plastic jars I get from walmart :P

(The first strike was a fish somehow jumping out of the lidded tank and being found at an extremely odd location in comparison to the tank dried crispy. That was a nice while ago though)

Why must I love creatures that provide so much drama XP

They can't even see each other normally, the sides of the separate tanks that touch each other are frosted so nothing can be seen through them.

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