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Fresh, Salt, & Pond fish. Aquatic inverts, jelly fish, shrimp, octopus, etc.

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Postby BB » Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:24 pm

He is beautiful! What kind of wood is that in the picture? I like your sandy substrate, I have to get more for mine, I only have a bowl full in that tank.
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Postby ShyVulpine » Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:57 pm

BB wrote:My goldfish aren't that big yet, but we thought we buy them small so we can watch them grow.I'll send a photo of the pond,it is deceiving cause if I would stand in it I wouln't be able to look out. It is still in progress, getting rocks all around it. The photo of the tinnie is old, now you can hardly see it the grassbushes got really big. I try to get a current photo.

Your pond and the fish are really beautiful! Do you have koi? I thought some of them were koi. We had a koi pond for a while but the neighbor's cat and a couple raccoons kept eating them. All we would find were the scales on the bricks the next morning. My mom was sad about that. :(

As a teenager, I had a hobby breeding fancy guppies for a while. It was a pretty expensive hobby but they were an easy fish to breed. A fish was like $2.00 to $4 each and they kept contracting ich disease. The males' fins were gorgeous!
Pets : tarantulas (6), Chinese water dragon, border collie/mix and a miniature doberman, 3 blue-and-gold macaws and a ringneck parakeet.
Future Goal : Collecting more tarantulas.
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Postby BB » Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:07 pm

that's so sad about the Koi :cry: (I'm really bad with animal death....makes me so sad)
yeah, guppies are pretty expensive, I'll try to get some every now and again to avoid interbreeding to much.
I've got given some water plants so I hope the guppies breed up again (since my goldfish ate them all - except the red male guppies)
Those fish aren't Koi's, I heard that in Australia's south Koi carps are a pest because someone let them go in the rivers and they bred up like "rabbits" and now they are a plague. :roll:
Do you still have some fish?
Someone told me that when you have a sick fish, with for example bacteria problems chuck him in a bucket with water and a handful of rock or sea salt and leave him for 15 - 30 minutes. The salt kills all bacteria.
Haven't tried it yet myself but it makes sense.
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Postby Trefoil » Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:27 am

I don't know what kind of wood it is, it came with a pkg of "driftwood" i bought over ebay. Not smart, it took months for it to sink. The sand is pool filter sand, I got it for my horsefaced loaches, and the other fish seem to like it so far. My daughter put in a small Pond in a couple of years ago and had goldfish in it. A huge bird came and ate the fish. The coons just played in the water and carried off the clay frogs from around it. My daughter raised fancy guppies for a couple of years, they don't do well for me, neither do most tetras or live bearers. My water is really hard and i don't try to change it anymore. Its easier to stick with fish that like my water. The salt bath works for parasites but i don't think it would for ick. There are medicines that work real well for ick, raising the temp in the tank for a while helps a lot. But some loaches and catfish are real sensitive to the medicine so you have to be careful. BB- your ponds are great- what do you use for filtration? How cold does it get there? I'll try to get pictures of some of the other fish, its a lot easier to get the ones that don't move around so much.
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Postby BB » Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:53 am

I live in Darwin, right at the top of Australia, in the tropics. We only got the dry season (~20-27 Degrees Celsius sorry,68 - 80.6 F) and the wet season (80-104 F) so basically hot and hotter. Half a year it rains (Nov - April) and the other half it is dry.
So I don't have to worry about tank heaters ;) On the pond I didn't really put filtration in it, except the plants. We did put a pump outside of it, which circulates the water, sucking it up on the bottom and coming out of the blue fishes' mouth and down the little waterfall to aerate.
I don't have problems with Sword tails and Platies, but I struggle to keep Mollies. In the wet season the guppies get washed out sometimes....
Kuli loaches and Glass catfish don't last very long either. :(
Love how your coons are r-arranging the garden :lol:
oh I took a photo of the tinnie how it looks now!
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