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a question on bettas ans mollies???

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a question on bettas ans mollies???

Postby Silverfox » Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:30 pm


i recently got a small male mollie from my cousins fish tank and brought him home last night, i did what any fish person would do and put him in a medium zip lock bag with plenty of air and let him float in the aquariam water with my betta gandalf well gandalf came up tpo him and did not show any sign of agression to it so after about 4 to 5 hours i let the mollie in the tank with him. gandalf then started to puff up and flair like he was quarting a female then about 4 minutes later he launched a good nip right at the mollies head!! so i took the mollie out and put him in a diffrent container for the night . the mollie is fine and there are no cuts or anything.

but he likes to jump!! for instance when i got him out of my cousins aquariam i put him in a party cup , i left him on the kitchen counter while i went to go tell my aunt that i had gotten the one i had wanted i came back not but 5 minutes later picked the cup up and walked to the door. but when i looked in the cup there was no fish to be found!!. i immediatly ran into the kitchen searching vigorisly for the fish and found him on the counter top behind a loaf of hot dog buns.lol
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Postby BB » Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:32 am

I'm not quite sure what your question actually was but I'll give my advice anyway....
Any fish probably jumps out of a little cup when they had a nice big fish tank before......so as long as you saved him it's OK. Maybe cover the container next time. :)
If you have only a small aquarium your fighter is in, it might be a problem to put your Molly with him as it was his territory and a molly (with fairly big fins) will be seen as sort of rivalIf your tank is an alright size I'd put more Mollies in it so the Fighter is distracted and doesn't concentrate his attack on the one fish.
Breeding Mollies will be impossible as your Betta will eat the fry.
I personally would get a second aquarium and enjoy both breeds separately!
Good luck

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