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I befriended a mayfly today. =)

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I befriended a mayfly today. =)

Postby FoxAdorer817 » Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:56 pm

Well...today we went to Cape Cod, as a family, so I suppose it was for father's day- as he's been wanting to see Cape Cod since he's been in Ohio (a while)... And it was nice, and then we got to the other ship- I believe "Cleveland Cliffs"...for freighting iron, I believe. Anyways, we walked inside, and I noticed a "feather" on my back of my dad's shirt, so I asked if I could get it for him, and he's like Yeah, hah. So, I went to partially flick it off, and it stayed on my hand for a sec, so I looked at it, and I'm like "Oh, it's not a feather, that's a mayfly (he was looking at it too), I think- see the "tails"?". And so I was looking at it still, expecting it to fly away very soon, and it just stayed there...and stayed there. icon-smile At first, oh yeah, I thought it was dead because it was just laying there with no movement, so I was showing it to my mom, and I'm like...See, it's a dead mayfly... Then it move, got up and clinged to my finger more, and so I'm like "Oh, nevermind, it's alive icon-smile Hah."
So, I stayed and watched it for a little while...and I thought it was sick...it started doing really strange movements, and it's head started looking detached I suppose......and I'm like "What's wrong with it?"... And she's like "I don't know" (she was more interested in the other stuff anyway- sadly, I wasn't.... and even though I don't like insects too much (mainly because I can't interact with them..on nice terms anyway), I was more interested in this guy because he seemed to show some interest in me (at least not enough interest in the other direction to fly away))... And then I waited and looked at him longer, and I'm like "Oh! He's molting! That explains it! :D Hey mom, I found out it's because he's shedding his exoskeleton. ^_^" And she's like "Oh, that's really cool." (Or something similar to that...I don't think it was precisely that, because she wasn't being sarcastic, but, I can't imagine she was too interested.) ....My sister took a picture though, I hope she'll upload it.
So, anyways, that mayfly stayed with me for nearly the whole entire tour! ...People kept looking at me weird because they either couldn't see that anything was on my hands, and they were frozen in an odd position- one pointing in directions because it was on my index finger, haha, or because they saw something was on my hand, and they thought it was strange that I was carrying it... Anyways, we were on that tour for at Least 35 minutes- I'd suspect we were on there for about an hour and some- but he left close to the end...But, before we got there- there was a tour guide helping people in the control room with any questions they had, and there were only a couple people there, and they weren't asking questions there and he's like "Looks like you caught yourself a mayfly" and I'm like "Mhm icon-smile " Haha... and then my mom was wondering where the exoskeleton was, maybe, I'm not sure, but because I was keeping it, and so I was telling her how it was blowing off (because there were lots of fans in the room), but I put it on my shirt, as I thought it'd cling to that better...so I left it there, but eventually put it back on my hand, but after we were talking about that, the guy was saying how it'll stay clinging to my until his wings dry...at first I didn't get that- but I understood it after we left the room. Haha. ...So, about 10 minutes later, I looked down and I'm like "Where'd the exoskeleton go?" (because I'd just had it in my hand 10 seconds ago), so I bent down to look for it...I couldn't fine it, then I looked back at my other hand, and then he was gone too! ...Didn't get to say goodbye, nor keep a souvenir (the exoskeleton), but, I had a nice time with a mayfly. O.o Hehe. I didn't name him because I didn't want to get attached, and because I still thought he was going to fly away any second, but it was a nice time, so there was my tale. ^_^ Haha.

The end. :mrgreen:
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Re: I befriended a moth

Postby cheshire fox » Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:50 am

i kind of know how you feel.. i went to d.c. the other day, first time since high school.. and i was enjoying it as a nice fall visit.. but the most interesting thing was the bandit squirrels :shock:
i'm partial to moths for some reason..
we don't get many green ones.. my hand bleh
it's interesting how insects look less creepy and more awesome up close
yet, it is almost the exact opposite for humans :lol:

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