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Tarantulas, Land Crabs, Insects, Scorpions, snails etc.

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Re: Why!?

Postby Candy Cane Girl » Thu May 12, 2011 1:25 pm

Hello Ash :mrgreen: ,

Ash wrote:Haha... So far I've just stared at Boris and have tried to take pictures of them--but most come out blurry. I could hold or pet him (haven't yet), but I'm worried if he moved or twitched I might fling him or startle and drop him. :shock: Don't want to break the little guy apart, lol.

He lives next to "Donatello"--a tiny aquatic frog that my sister is keeping as a pet. They don't notice one another at all. Go figure!

I'm coming to like Boris though. His hairy little legs are starting to look cute! If he turns out to be a girl though, I would prefer he shave. :lol:

I am at work now right and just read that post. I have laughed no joke for over 30 minutes. I laughed so hard I gagged at a few points.

You made my day :mrgreen: .

Ms Paula Otto.
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Re: Why!?

Postby autumnrose » Thu May 12, 2011 1:37 pm

I used to own a rose haired. Not very aggressive, probably don't want to handle them too much though because when they get annoyed, rather than biting you they'll fling their hairs at you! It's actually very irritating and can cause a rash. My girl never did it to me, but my boyfriends brother wasn't as fortunate... I hope you two get along. I don't have any problems with bugs, but I can only imagine how you feel.
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Re: Why!?

Postby Ash » Thu May 12, 2011 3:07 pm

Ms Paula Otto--glad I could make you laugh. :mrgreen: Sometimes I think I try too hard to be funny and I like it when my jokes are appreciated! :lol: So thanks!

AutumnRose--It's only long-legged things that freak me out. I love grasshoppers, crickets, and ESPECIALLY praying mantis. :mrgreen: I really want to work up the courage to hold Boris though since I'm trying to overcome my fear of long-legged bugs. That's really interesting about the hairs. I didn't know they could do that. :shock: As long as he moves slowly I'll be fine, but if he takes off running up my arm or something, I don't think things would turn out well. :lol:
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