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Goofy Rusty

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Goofy Rusty

Postby suki'smom » Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:35 am

Yesterday was wonderfully warm so I thought I would take Rusty for a ride after I thoroughly cleaned and oiled his saddle (it really needed it). Well that didn't work out. I went out to catch Rusty and found that he was covered head to hoof in a thick sticky layer of mud and manure. So I figured I would just clean him up and get him used to his saddle again as he hasn't worn it all winter (I rode him bareback the other day). Well I tied him to the post and begun, then suddenly he froze (in a spook in place) and started to snort and blow as he stared off towards the trees. I looked and looked but I could not figure out what my normally pretty bombproof (well as bombproof as a four year old can be) horse was so freaked out about. I continued to brush him down and get that nasty stuff off of him and settled down a little bit but still would not take his eyes away from the direction of the woods. He still lisened to everything I asked him to do though so I just let him look. After about an hour and a half he was clean, so I retrieved his saddle and blanket and let him thoroughly examine it before I placed it on his back and cinched him up.
I jiggled it, and slapped the stirrups against his sides and hopped up and down beside him and he stood stock still, but his eyes never left the woods. It was when I went to remove that I realized what he was seeing, he hadn't seen the chickens wandering around the yard all winter and I had just let them out before I began to brush him. He had to figure out what they were all over again. I felt like an idiot :D
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