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Please Help Bring These Horse Poachers To Justice

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Please Help Bring These Horse Poachers To Justice

Postby Lionsniper » Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:50 pm

I just read today in the 10/1/2010 edition of Horse & Pony News that the 2 horse poachers in the Miami-Dade area of Florida were apprehended and now await a sounding date for Jan. 18, 2011, so plenty of time to write letters explaining to the judge how you feel about these crimes and whether you own a horse now or not. (I am paraphrasing from the article). The sounding date is for the judge to know where the case is headed. If this case goes to trial, the date is booked for Jan. 31.

Please write to:

Judge Sarah I. Zabel
Re: Case F09-30542 A & B
Room 209, Richard Gerstein Justice Bldg.
1351 NW 12th Street
Miami, FL 33125

Ivonne Rodriguez hand-delivered 167 letters to the judge on Sept. 7th. Please read her story at www.geronimosneigh.homestead.com. It is most heartbreaking to say the least.

The article states that a stiff sentence can be handed down because other laws were broken in the commission of the crimes--trespassing, grand theft, armed burglary, destruction of property, etc. Both men admitted to the crimes and provided details re: the killing of these horses. And they are still breathing??? Only because of the good ole USA justice system.

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