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It is for Lucy (my beagle) she has some serious health issues.

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Arrival of Tiny the Fennec Fox

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Arrival of Tiny the Fennec Fox

Postby Sassysarah » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:20 am

Hello all-
I found this page a couple days ago. Phew been reading like crazy.
I recently opened my doors to a lil fennec named Tiny. He’s almost 5 and previous owners felt they could no longer provide a terrific home with lots of love and attention. We looking into a fennec about 6 years ago and decided to put it on back burner till we felt ready. And had a much better handle on their needs. I always strive to provide an amazing forever home to any animal I bring into my home. When I found out about Tiny last Aug we begin visiting his home and serious YouTube watching/reading. Wished I came across this forum sooner.
I’m still learning. I am committed to providing an amazing enriching home. Tiny the fennec is quite timid this is his first week here. We take turns sitting quietly in his room and offer food we mostly are giving quiet time.
He previously lived with dogs and a cat. His BFF dog passed a year plus ago. He enjoyed their company.
We have 2 dogs and a cat, and 43 chickens.
Kirk the cat is 7 months old (came to live with us this winter with our niece whose parents passed) very curious about Tiny, he is absolutely unphased when the fox makes sounds or barks at it. He just flops down.
My older Black lab Nessa who’s 13 is a bit wary. And the tan colored mix breed Kyna is curious and wants to play. Some days Tiny is more curious others he is more wary. I expect the warm up period to take 7-14 months potentially. And he might never warm up to every other kridder. I’ve got patience for this. Tiny originally came from a breeder in Kentucky

He has a room dedicated to him, I gave up my office. Lol. We put down vinyl floor to catch messes, came with a critter nation 2tier double door enclosure, cat carrier, fav chair bed and toys. Lil table. I have double stacked baby gates, this is what he is used to, in doorway to protect him when we are not able to be there. So far we just go in there. He has only wandered out of room 1 time.
I have added kiddy pool w sand and another den like thing for him to go into.
I do a lot of research about Light water magnetism for human health and well-being and highly recommend the book by John Ott Health and light
This previous ready made me curious as to how can I provide a better light environment for a nocturnal creature such as Tiny. I limit light outside of daylight hours, and will primarily use amber or red lights or candle light after sundown. I’ve dont a lot of research over last year into light impact in humans and it’s intrresting to see how it applies to the fennec.
I’m considering supplementing w uvb as I know that is filtered by glass and this is often missing from spectrum of lightbulbs.
I have a red light in his room as something like 60%of the light from the sun is redlight. I’d imagine that dark at night is best.
I have fixtures and can crest a pretty sweet set up easy enough. I tried reading through all forum posts on light but it seems limited. I’ll comment on the 1 I found most useful

On to food-he came to us eating a diet approx 1.25-2 oz of slow cooked chicken and vegetables dinner by Cesar home delights. He’d also be given a couple cherry tomatoes (honestly his favorite) 3-5 snap peas, a chunk or 2 of mango. Occasional treat of broken but of milk bone. I’m quick to recognize that this is not an ideal diet. I’m working to change this and have found great info here. In the 4 days of being here I’ve found he prefers dried mealworms over live ones. I saw others of which I havedried shrimp, minnow, crickets for my chickens treat

I have already been raising mealworms for my 43 chickens. These are for laying. And potential breeding program. I have 16 rare and heritage breeds. Not sure if I’d want to raise chicks to feed a fennec.
Looking into what it would take to raise Dubia for him.
I have eggs we could try at some point.
We also hunt and trap so I’d be curious about what kind of meat I could give him. We have a surplus of squirrels. Woodchuck. Beaver /deer and most other seasons are over but I give carcasses to my chickens

I would consider raising meat rabbit for not only him but for us. We have not had much luck rabbit hunting in recent years as the coyotes population has decimated the rabbit population.
I am not sure he was ever given taurine supplements specifically. And am concerned given His age.
Looking forward to learning.
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Re: Arrival of Tiny the Fennec Fox

Postby GitaBooks » Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:48 pm

Welcome to the forum! So glad you could join! : )

How exciting! Sounds like he's getting wonderful care.
I don't own a fennec, so I'm not much help there, but I can say, what I understand of UV lights, if the purpose is to expose them to UVA and UVB for health reasons, the light has to be just a couple feet away from the animal.
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Re: Arrival of Tiny the Fennec Fox

Postby pat » Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:17 am

Welcome to sybils message board.
I don't know alot about fennec foxes. only red foxes.

However, Mary has a fennec and is very knowledgable.
here is more info on fennec:

Pat (Sybil and Benny's Mom) Sybils Den
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Re: Arrival of Tiny the Fennec Fox

Postby Ash » Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:20 pm

Welcome! And congrats on the new baby.

Lighting with animals is a fascinating study. I have a lot of reptiles where lighting is super duper important, so I've been studying that sort of stuff recently as I've started up their bio-active enclosures. UVB is very good for humans, so I'm certain a UVB light would benefit your fennec greatly. Maybe you could even do like a warm basking spot with the UVB there as well. I think it will be cool whatever you try.

You should check out TamanduaGirl's website the diet section. TG is a mod here and has studied fennecs for over a decade. She has a cute fennec fox named Ikigai that you can also follow on facebook, if you're interested in that.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience with Tiny!
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Re: Arrival of Tiny the Fennec Fox

Postby TamanduaGirl » Sat Apr 20, 2019 2:08 pm

Welcome. It sounds like you ran across the discussion we had on fennecs and lighting already. The gross summery though, was that the light would need to be close to benefit and you need to consider UVB lights do still give off the bad UV as well. So if you have a fox like mine, that likes to lay in the window most days(windows letting the bad UV through), then adding a UV light for the good will also double up on the bad.

So instead I give him salmon and dried fish skin chews to help him get his vitamin D from diet instead.

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