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Red Fox legality in Utah?

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Re: Red Fox legality in Utah?

Postby Foxiie » Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:48 pm

Are the places in Ogden?
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Re: Red Fox legality in Utah?

Postby Ash » Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:57 pm

That you would need to talk to realtors about before buying a house. And would have to look up each city's zones to see where city limits end.
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Re: Red Fox legality in Utah?

Postby shatteredviolets » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:56 am

sarajeku wrote:I've been volunteering and working for a wildlife refuge for years and I recommend it to everyone interested in foxes, wolfdogs, wolves, coyotes, or any form of big cat. The experience gives you a GREAT idea of how to handle emergency situations, what to do if you fox gets out, how to not stress them, how to properly raise them from babies, what to feed them, how to clean up after them, everything you could possibly need to know.
Even just recently, as we specialize in canids at our sanctuary, I took home one of our rescued wiolfdog pups to keep as mine. But, my overall best experience and one I'll always cherish, was raising my baby coyote, Totem. He totally turned my attitude from "Meh, coyotes are kinda cute" to "OMG I MUST HAVE ONE"
And now I'll stop talking about him (and my wolfdog pup) before I take over the thread. :lol:

I would say if it's possible to get a paying job there, absolutely 100% take it! But if not, volunteer! I can't tell you how many days, in the summer heat, there has only been one or two people around to feed, water, poop scoop for every animal at the refuge. It usually takes 3-4 people to do it, split into groups of two.
Sanctuaries are almost always shorthanded during the school year. We have plenty of volunteers in the summer and on weekends.

I know this original post is hella old, but I would really be interested in volunteering at a local sanctuary. If you are still around to give me any information, I would love it. I live in Draper, UT, and my plot is a little weird. It's the original farm house and they have built McMansions on the rest of the acreage, so they have this weird Draconioan animal C&R situation...you know, for the people that have bought these fancy houses in the midst of farm land. I personally would love to have goats (you have to have at least 2, they have a herd mentality and need to be together) and a fox, I think it would just be a hard pass with some of the neighbors with McMansions (Hopefully that does not make me sound too douchy posting that), but I would absolutely love to volunteer my time to work with these magnificent creatures if I could get in somewhere. If you are still updating this page, please send me info <3 I don't need a paying job, I would just love the opportunity to work with animals I can otherwise not have at home <3
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Re: Red Fox legality in Utah?

Postby pat » Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:35 pm

I think volunteer is a great idea.

when you get a fox, keep in mind, the fox will need a large outdoor enclosure when he/she reaches close to adult.
we do not recommend keeping a fox indoors 24/7. they mark, and their urine smells almost like a skunk.
a fox can be litter trained. mine are. but, many foxes will still mark. You can still bring a fox in your house, but, I recommend an enclosure also.
a fox will not be happy living in doors 24/7.

I will tell you how I have my set up. I have an extra bedroom that has a doggie door for my raccoons and fox to go into their own room.
my fox stays outside most of the time. also, foxes like to be up high. but, sometimes down on the ground.
mine has a 3 floor tower in their enclosure also. my fox and even raccoons love it up there.

I am not trying to talk you out of it at all. only trying to help you. I just want you to know what they are like.
foxes are not at all like dogs. they are not as friendly as a dog would be.

to be honest with you. I have raised foxes for over 15 years. I am now down to one. however, I do have raccoons.
my personal preference is raccoons. they can be pet quality as long as the owner understands them.
however, it is important to have them fixed. otherwise, at breeding season, some can get aggressive.
right now, I have 3 raccoons. they are all super friendly and love attention and love to be petted.
the other ones died of old age.

however, if a fox is your dream, then go for it. again, we are here to help.
also, I thank you for doing research first. I wish more people would do that. please keep us updated on your venture.

my first fox and raccoon I got long time ago, I bought at the same time. it was really cute. both were bonded to each other.
when my raccoon died of liver cancer, my fox cried out for him for 5 months. at that time, I had two other foxes also.

the bond was so great, they were able to communicate with each other. one time, my fox wanted an egg, my raccoon opened the fridge for him, and pulled the eggs out for him... then another time, hubby put a fish in their water (in the enclosure) my fox seen it, but, would not go in the water to get it, he ran up to the top tower (where my raccoon was) and guess he told him to come and get the fish out of the water. the raccoon did,and they both shared it.
Pat (Sybil and Benny's Mom)

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Re: Red Fox legality in Utah?

Postby Ash » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:29 pm

Hi! Have you tried Wild Wonders down in Genola? Sarah Jacobsen runs an educational facility, and there are five foxes at her facility. She takes interns a lot, and I think she loses many of them during the winter months, so now would be a great time to contact her if you are interested in that.

I do paid fox encounters, if you'd be interested in that. I also live down in Genola.
I'm Fable and Ifrit's mommy. Also mommy to Carousel, Breeze, and a bunch of snakes, lizards, and spiders. Oh, and one amphibian!

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